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history final

following the war of 1812, wage workers and their advocates felt that new political economy was functioning to keep common people dependent on rich
first cross-trade citywide labor organization established in Philadelphia in 1827 mechanics union
__________ led the way in expanding white male suff rage new, less settled states
suffrage was extended to white males, but it was what to blacks? withdrawn or denied
masonic movement originated to... counter aristocratic power
who signed the bill to create the second bank of the united states? president Madison
who won the popular vote in the election of 1824 no candidate
who was Andrew Jackson elected by strong cross section of voters who identified with his stance as an outsider
the removal act called for Indians to move out of lands where? west of the Mississippi river
in order to dismantle the second bank of the united states, what did president Jackson ask the secretary to do? distribute the federal governments deposits among numerous state banks
which states might declare particular federal laws null and void within their borders. nullification
who led a slave uprising in Virginia that lasted for two days and the deaths of 57 whites? Nat turner
Lyman Beecher predicted that.. the final battle of the Christ and Antichrist would take place in the american west
the results of wage dependency and subdivision of labor that marked urban life included what? stratification of neighborhoods by class
paid workers of 1830's middle class were employed in jobs that required what? mental labor rather than physical labor
the largest group of immigrants in the 1820's coming from Europe where from where ireland
this man had six sermons over alcohol, and he did not call for absolute abstinence from hard liquor Lyman beecher
in the 1840's, labor movements began to focus on this as a central point of labor organizing 10 hour work day
the new style of incarceration, where inmates were expected to be reformed penitentiaries
where was the first tempereance society formed saratoga, New York
what did Catherine Beecher accuse female abolitionists of? being motivated by unwomanly ambition
what could women not do in the 1830's? vote
where did abolitionist women hold a women's rights conference in 1848? seneca falls, New York
along with Elizabeth Stanton, this women helped arrange the women's rights conference Lucretia Mott
what were slaves forced to wear when they were hired out for wages?(indicated where they worked) badges
what did slaveholders give themselves the right to do when they defined slaves as property? buy and sell slaves without restraint
what vastly increased the demand for slaves? cotton boom
what was the highest symbol of status among whites in the south? large tracts of land and large number of enslaved workers
why were house slaves not necessarily better off than field slaves? they were constantly on call so their work day could last longer
because southern slavery was all agriculture, what did the south have less than the north? few and smaller cities
what was the first major factory workforce in the US? cotton
article 4 of the constitution made the protection of slave owners property what? federal obligation
by 1815 how many African Americans lived as free inhabitants? 200,000
this varied from state to state in the north discrimination against free blacks
what did the american colonization society call for? removing free African Americans from their native land (the US) to Liberia
what were the reactions to the american antislavery's increase in publication and mailing of antislavery tracts and fliers? immediate and violent
what did Abraham Lincoln reassert in his inaugural address? his intention to leave slavery alone where it already existed
who was the upper south dominated by? cooperationists
what did happened after Fort Sumnter surrendered? the south DID NOT become a united front
what concerned the republicans most about the Crittenden Compromise? the protection of slavery in territories acquired in the future
when did the north realize the civil war would last longer than anticipated? the first battle of bull run
why did the south have a military advantage at the beginning of the civil war? it was defending its own territory with their sources of supply nearby
what did the homestead act offer? land at low prices to settlers in the west
what was the most common motivation among both northern and southern soldiers during the civil war? patriotism
what were reasons thousands of soldiers were killed in the civil war? mosquitoes and vermin, contaminated water, and inadquate clothing/shelter
what happened in the new york city draft riots? outgrowth of tensions, white men lynched black men, home of republicans were attacked
emancipation became a military necessity for what? slave laborers sustaining the confederacy
who assassinated Abraham Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
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