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Chapter 14


How did the conflict in Vietnam end? Communist capture of Saigon
What was the name of Henry Kissinger's policy aimed at ending the Vietnam War through diplomacy? linkage
Richard Nixon's critics said that he overstepped his authority when he secretly sent American troops where? Cambodia
How were people chosen under Nixon's draft? lottery based on birth date
What was the third part of Nixon's 'peace with honor' Vietnam policy? expansion of the bombing campaign
place where large October 1969 antiwar demonstration took place Washington DC
site of tragic encounter between students and police Jackson State University
gave proof of how officials misled the public Pentagon Papers
Which candidate in the 1968 presidential election claimed to represent the silent majority? Richard Nixon
At which event did antiwar protestors confront Chicago police? 1968 Democratic convention
nickname for supporters of the Vietnam War hawk
Much of the division in the US created by the war resulted in what? generation gap
In April of 1968, rioting in many cities followed the assassination of whom? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
On what date did a series of attacks mark a turning point in the Vietnam War? January 21, 1968
During the Tet Offensive, the Vietcong attacked Saigon, the current capital of South Vietnam and the ancient capital, named what? Hoa Lu
After President Johnson decided not to run for relection in 1968, the Democratic Party nominated whom? Hubert Humphrey
After he took the first human step on the moon, he said, 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. Neil Armstrong
Foreign aid organization that employs American volunteers to work as teachers, health workers, etc. in countries around the world. Peace Corps
symbol for Communist oppression Berlin Wall
Which of the following plans was a failed attempt to overthrow a Communist dictatorship? Bay of Pigs
Kennedy developed a plan for Latin America in an attempt to stop the spread of communism. What was it called? Alliance for Progress
What did the October, 1962 spy plane over Cuba discover? launch bases
This closed the border and cut communication between West and East Berlin. Berlin Wall
Which theory influenced US policy in Vietnam for 20 years? Domino Theory
Which group did President Kennedy send to train and advise South Vietnamese troops? Green Berets
Which act of Congress gave President Lyndon B Johnson broad power to use American forces in Vietnam? Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Which chemical used by the US during the Vietnam War is believed to have contaminated many Americans and Vietnamese? Agent Orange
As the Vietnam War dragged on, which US government official began to argue that it could not be won? Robert McNamara
The Vietcong took orders from whom? Ho Chi Minh
What did the Geneva Accords divide North and South Vietnam
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