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Cold War

parallel line that divides North and South 38th
Chinese leader that won the civil war Mao Zedong
Senator that caused the second Red Scare Joe McCarthy
The division between the Communist East and Democratic West Iron curtain
Nation that MacArthur wanted to attack for helping North Korea China
How did the Korean War start North invaded the South
Policy of willing to go to all out war with the Communists brinkmanship
The organization formed to carry out secret operations to weaken or overthrow governments CIA
The group formed to investigate government employees for disloyalty Loyalty Review Board
the U-2 Incident of 1960 spy plane shot down over Soviet Union
Alliance between the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe Warsaw Pact
Alliance between US, Canada and Western Europe NATO
Organization to keep the peace United Nations
Not a US goal use the Eastern European resources to rebuild the American economy
Eisenhower doctrine the United States will stop the spread of Communism in the Middle East
Truman doctrine give money and supplies to those fighting communism
General fired by Truman MacArthur
Marshal Plan provided financial aid to rebuild Europe
why Americans believed the Soviets had become superior in 1957 the soviets launched Sputnik
The policy of the United States to prevent any extension of communist rule to other countries was called Containment
The Allies response to the Soviet blockade of Berlin Berlin Airlift
The Soviet leader after the death of Nikita Khrushchev
American couple accused of leaking secrets to the Soviet Union Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
Investigated Communist influence in Hollywood House of Un-American Activities Committee
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