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A person who opposed slavery Abolitionist
Artists that painted landscapes Hudson River School
I was a transcendentalist Walt Whitman
The movement to end the consumption of alcohol Temperance
Right to vote suffrage
Network of escape routes in the South for enslaved people was called- Underground Railroad
Document stating the grievances or complaints of women Declaration of Sentiments
Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucretia Mott were all involved in what movement? Women's Suffrage
A religious revival in America that sparked social Reform Second Great Awakening
Reform to change for the better
What did the publications: Uncle Tom's Cabin, The North Star, and The Liberator have in common? They all opposed slavery
Where was the first women's convention in 1848 held? Seneca Falls, NY
Leader of the Education Movement Horace Mann
Leader of the prison and asylum movement Dorothea Dix
Former slave, Abolitionist leader,author of the North Star, excellent speaker Frederick Douglass
Growth of Cities Urbanization
Little government interference, right to profit, based on supply and demand Free Enterprise
Peacefully refusing to disobey the law Civil disobedience
He used civil disobedience by refusing to pay taxes to a country that supported slavery, Henry David Thoreau
Another term for tax tariff
South Carolina refused to pay high tariffs during Jackson's presidency and threatened to secede Nullification Crisis
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