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social studies test

southwest/central asia

what is petroleum as it comes out of the ground and before it has been refined of processed? crude oil
what is a resource that takes so long to form, it can't be replaced? nonrenewable resource
what is oil called that has been found but remains unused in the ground? oil reserves
what is a resource that can't be used up, or can be quickly replaced? renewable resource
how does oil form? tiny plants and animals died in the ocean millions of years ago. they slowly turned into rock. the weight of chemicals turn the dead bodies into oil.
why is so much oil buried under southwest asia? it can be found under southwest asia because millions of years ago, asia was underwater. it created areas where oil is trapped.
are oil reserves distributed equally among the countries of southwest asia? no, because some countries have more than others. example kuwait may have millions of oil reserves while saudi arabia may have only two.
how has oil made the people of southwest asia better off? the life expectancy has increased while infants who die has decreased.
why isn't per capita GDP always an accurate reflection of people's wealth? wealthy people's per capita GDP may be lower than people that have a lower paying job with a higher per capita GDP.
what are some examples of why some oil countries haven't been able to end poverty? some countries, like yemen, have been left poor, ex. saddam hussein dictated for years but used all of their money on the war and not using it for improving lives.
what have been the goals of southwest asian OPEC members? they need money to come back, they want oil prices to be steady (not to high, not to low).
what two realities have limited the OPEC's power? they cannot control the whole world's oil prices, and they don't always act as a group.
what were the two types of coalition members in the persian gulf war? why were they coalition members? oil importing countries, oil exporting countries didn't want to lose control of all the oil reserves, and to drive forces out of kuwait
name the five most oil-rich countries in the world. saudi arabia, iraq, united arab emirates, kuwait, iran
name the five least oil-rich countries in the world. (hint: p,g,drc, nz, a). pakistan, guatemala, democratic republic of congo, albania, new zealand
what is a city called that is the government center of a country or region (may also be a primate city) capital city
what is the largest and most important city in a country. it has at least twice the population of the next largest city. primate city
what is the specific place where something is located, including its physical setting? a site
what is the way a place is positioned in relation to its wider surroundings? a situatuion
what is a ranking of cities based on their size and the services the offer? an urban hierarchy
what ranks first in terms of anything that might attract people (ex. schools, jobs, etc.)? primate city
istanbul is turkey's ___________ city largest
__________ is the capital city of turkey? ankara
__ / ___ turks live in istanbul? 1/6
primate cities act like _____ to tourists magnets
rural-to-urban migration causes _______ problems
what does gecekondus mean? built overnight
istanbul's symbols used to be the ______ of the many mosques, but now ________ are too domes; cranes
what does bazaar mean? an ancient shopping mall (all under one roof)
country's most important museums are found in the ____________ ____ primate city
no visit to istanbul would be complete without a trip to the public bath's called a __________ haman
what is damage to or destruction of the natural environment called? environmental degradation
what is water lying deep under the ground that supplies wells and streams? groundwater
the building of salt in soil or water is called........? salinization
what is the condition that occurs when people do not have enough clean water? water stress
what was life like for farmers in the Aral Sea region when cotton was king? crop production increased when the soviet government built dams to help the farmers build cotton. they were so proud they named their soccer team the "Cotton Pickers".
how have farmers been affected by the shrinking Aral Sea? increasingly less water for irrigation, the soil has become saltier. some switched to rice but that crop also requires a lot of water
what was life like for people in the fishing industry when the sea was rich in fish? the industry supported 35,000 workers which allowed people to have jobs. the people were able to produce 95 million pounds of fish every year
how is the fishing industry affected by the shrinking Aral Sea? people were left with no jobs because many organisms can't live in saline conditions. people haven't been able to find other jobs nearby. from the 40,000 people who live near the aral sea only 3,000 people remain
what was life like for people of the aral sea region when water was plentiful? people had enough water to irrigate plants/crops and to have water in their house.
how has people's health been affected by the shrinking Aral Sea? part 1 most of the water left is toxic, salty, polluted, and full of sewage. stomach and liver problems are common from drinking the polluted water. the effects of drinking this water can also lead to cancer and lung problems.
how has people's health been affected by the shrinking Aral Sea? part 2 many people's babies haven't been able to live longer than their first birthdays.
the aral sea is located between which two countries? uzbekistan and kazakhstan
why are oceans saline? rain picks up salt from the soil and runs into streams that empty into the ocean
the process of water or land becoming salty or saltier is called....... salinization
how does salty soil affect farmers? very few crops can grow on salty soil
a cash crop is a crop that farmers can..... sell to make an income for themselves and their families
why did the Aral Sea begin to reduce in size? the soviet government built dams across the two rivers that fed into the aral sea
how did the shrinking of the aral sea affect the region's climate? summer became hotter and winters became colder
the use of river water for irrigation........ made many fields too salty to grow crops
a "fishery" is a place where............. fish are caught, processed, and sold
before the aral sea began to shrink...... millions of pounds of fish were harvested from it each year
what impact did the shrinking of the aral sea have on wildlife? the water became too salty to most species of fish
how did the shrinking of the aral sea affect the people working in the area? people who worked on fishing boats and in canneries lost their jobs
after commercial fishing ended in the aral sea........ thousands of people left the area in search of work
what is a "black blizzard" in the aral sea region? a dust storm caused by the wind picking up sand that used to be at the bottom of the aral sea
now that the water from the aral sea is unfit to drink, people get most of their water.......... from local polluted rivers and groundwater
water that is polluted by salt, sewage, and toxic chemicals causes.................. commonly causes stomach problems and liver disease in people who drink it
what changes will farmers need to make to repair the environmental degradation in aral sea region? they will need to plant crops that require less water
which natural resource has the potential to improve the quality of life in the aral sea region? oil
what body of water borders sw/central asia to the west? mediterranean sea
what body of water borders sw/central asia to the south? arabian sea
what body of water borders sw/central asia to the nw? there are two answers black sea and caspian sea
what body of water is the world's largest inland body of water? caspian sea
what body of water is rapidly shrinking in size? aral sea
what country has the largest population in the region? pakistan
what country has the biggest (land area) in the region? kazakhstan
which of the following is a renewable energy resource? -coal -uranium -wind -natural gas wind
what defines the largest city in a country a primate city? it has twice as many people as the next largest city
what is the main cause of the shrinking aral sea? the increased use of rivers flowing into the sea for irrigation
why is oil considered a nonrenewable resource? it takes millions of years to form
what is the most important form of land use in sw/central asia? commercial farming
how is oil distributed among the countries in sw asia? randomly, some countries have far more oil than other
what aspect of the SITE of Constantinople helped the city withstand many attacks? it was surrounded by water on three sides
what crop has contributed most to the creation of a new desert in the aral sea region? cotton
what two resources shape economic activity in sw/central asia? petroleum and water
sw/central asia is the birthplace of what three major world religions? christianity, judaism, and islam
what FORCES slowly turn the remain of plants and animals into oil? underground pressure and heat
where does the capital city of ankara rank in turkey's urban hierarchy? near the top
water stress is best defined as ______________________. a long term shortage of water
most people in sw/central asia follow what religion? islam
what is true about most primate cities? they are located near water
a sw asian country that much of its oil earnings on education and healthcare is most likely to have what? a higher HDI (human development index ) ranking
name one thing that is likely to draw someone from a rural area to a primate city? job opportunities
what is the major difference between ankara and istanbul? istanbul attracts more tourists
what is most likely a result of environmental degredation? loss of biodiversity
what country is the wealthiest in the region? UAE
what landmass occupies the southern part of sw/central asia? arabian peninsula
what is the fertile river system of the world? tigres and euphrates river
what is the lowest (in elevation) place on earth? dead sea
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