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Vietnam War #1

Vietnam War This was America's longest war, lasting 25 years.
Proxy war This occurs when one or more opposing powers instigates a war and then uses third parties to fight on their behalf.
Indochina Prior to 1954, Vietnam was known by this name.
Ho Chi Minh Leader of the Viet Minh who claimed control of Vietnam in 1945 and declared their independence.
Containment Truman's policy to prevent the expansion of communism.
France This country wanted to re-establish colonial rights to Vietnam after Japan was ousted after WWII.
Domino Theory Eisenhower's idea that if one nation fell to communism the rest would fall.
Dien Bien Phu This is where the Viet Minh launched a major offensive against the French and won.
Geneva Conference Meeting where French were removed from Indochina and Vietnam was divided at the 17th parallel.
United States This country did not sign the Geneva Accords.
Ngo Dinh Diem Leader of South Vietnam who was supported by the US
SEATO Alliance created by the US to protect its allies in the Southeast from communist expansion.
Ho Chi Minh Trail Series of elaborate trails running from North Vietnam to South Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia.
Viet Cong Revolutionary political arm of North Vietnam who fought for Ho Chi Minh in the southern parts of South Vietnam.
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