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Vocab 7

My brother and I _________ to each other until someone cries Badger
We fed the kid food so they could get the energy. We did something________. Benevolent
All night I was________ because I woke up every hour and didn't get enough sleep. Fitful
The timer for the cookies________ because I was reading while they were baking. Elapse
Historical fiction is a type of______ Genre
When the tornado destroyed houses, the owners stayed where there was food. Haven
My friends mathematicians skills were ________ from when she was born. Innate
When lighting struck the house it ________ed to the ground Kindle
Mythology ____________the students curiosity when they saw the tower of Zeus at the museum Kindled
We had no food for a day and I was ________ because I had no energy. Listless
My ___________ grandmother is still active and joyful. It is shocking because she is so old. Octogenarian
I had _________ money to buy what I was saving up for. Meager
I was ___________ with rain because I didn't have a rain jacket on. Permeated
I can choose who I want to run for president, because this is a __________. Republic
The_____ was tied to a fence so my balloon wouldn't fly away. Tether
I _______ed my dog to the fence so he could guard my stuff. Tether
Created by: 2021wrb1