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Civil War

Test on Civil War

How many states did North and South have??? North - 23 South - 11
What were the percentages for the factory? North - 86% South - 14%
What were the population? North - 22 mil South - 9 mil (3mil were slaves)
What were the percentages for the railroads? North -71% South - 29%
What were the advantages south had? (5 things) South had military defense system before war South had Knowledge of guns and horses South had better chance of foreign aid South knew their land and was on defense South had better generals
Who were the graduates of west point from south? Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson (Thomas Jackson)
Bullrun . Why was it important? It was a railroad center, 40 miles from D.C.
What nickname did Jackson get from this battle? Stonewall Jackson
Who won? South
What did the north do in this battle? They brought spectators
First Naval Battle in Civil War. What two ships were fighting? Merrimac C Virginia and Monitor
What type of ships were they? They were iron ships and were hard to sink
Who won??? It was a draw
Battle of Shiloh. Why was it important? It was a railroad center in Tennesse
What nickname did Grant get? Unconditional Surrendering Grant
How long was it? 2 days
How many died and wounded? 3500 dead and 20000 wounded.
Who won? Grant
What did they take control of? Tennesse river
Memphis and New Orleans were important because ??? They were ports for the Tennesse river
Battle of Vicksburg . Why did South have to win? It was their last port to get supplies.
How long was the battle? 6 weeks
Who won? and how? Grant won by surrounding them and south was forced to surrender.
What was Grant called due to this battle? Supreme Commander of whole Northern Amry
Battle of Antietom. Where was it fought? North
How long? One day
How many dead and wounded? 5000 dead and 18000 wounded
How many losses for each north and south? Equal losses
What did Lincoln make? Emancipation Proclation - freed slaves
Battle of Chancelllorsville. Who won? Lee
Why was it costlest victory? Because Lee lost 10,000 men while North lost 17000 and it was costless because North can replace the men easily but South do not have any more men to replace them
How was Stonewall Jackson killed? Killed by an ally
Battle of Gettysburg. How many died and wounded? 7000 dead, 40000 wounded.
Sherman's march to the see. How did it affect the south? It divided the south.
From where to where? Atlanta to Savannah, 6 miles wide by 300 miles long
Who led it? William Sherman
What did they do with things they left behind? They burned everything
Grant's Wilderness Campain in Richmond, VA. How many men did Grant lose? How many Lee have? Grant lost 55,000 out of 110000 men and Lee had to surrender because they only had 33,000 men.
How did Grant show grace ? Grant let the soldiers keep guns and horses, and let Lee keep his sword and provided money for food.
Results. What technologies were made? Repeating rifles, trench warfare, Iron Clad Ships, Balloons for observation, War Correspondents and photograph, and new machines to make production faster.
How did the machines affect America? They needed less men in factories, the men could fight in war and women would be in the factories.
Sanitory Commision. What did it do? They care for soldiers with clothings and foods.
What was it later called? American Red Cross.
Who was the first President for the Red Cross? Clara Barton.
What other technology did they have? Use of telegraph to communicate from Lincoln to Generals
What was now on coin? "In God We Trust"
How many died and wounded in total war? 600000 died, and 250000 wounded
Who assasinated Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
Where? Ford's Theatre
What was the result of assasination? Lincoln wanted to restore south but now it was in the hands of those who wanted harsh reconstruction.
Draft. What is it? System to select men for war without their consent.
What did they take at first? Volunteers and then they paid you to enlist
What did some do to not go to war? Hired substitutes to fight for them.
How can you get an exemption? By paying 300 dollars
Can you get out of draft today? No!
Christian Charity. Who were 2 generals that witnessed to their men? Lee and Jackson
What did Jackson teach? Sunday school for black slaves.
United Christian Commision. What did they provide? Clothing, food, nursing care for soldiers
What did they distribute? Millions of bibles and tracts
What other thing did they provide for the soldiers' communication? Free main.
Why did they provide free coffee? Because they only had wiskey to drink in the camp.
Who volunteered to witness soldiers? Pastors and women.
Created by: dmsl09



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