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history vocabulary

Reform To make better by changing the bad parts of society.
Salvation Being saved from sin and from the penalties of sin.
Abolition Getting rid of something completely.
Transcendentalism Movement that emphasized living in harmony with nature and stressed examining a person's thoughts, emotions, and imagination.
Utopian communities Communities based on self-sufficiency that wanted to create a perfect society by sharing equally the work and items produced in the community.
Self-sufficiency Having the ability to provide for oneself without the help of others; indeppendent
Suffrage The right to vote
Temperance Ban the drinking of alcohol
Asylum A hospital for the mentally ill
Rehabilitate To restore someone to a normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment
Seneca Falls Convention First women's rights convention
Declaration of Sentiments A speech given at the Seneca Falls Convention that demanded equal rights for women including voting
Underground Railroad An escape route to the North for runaway slaves
Era A designated time period
Enlightenment Reaching spiritual knowledge and understanding
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