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Ch 25 social L. 4

The Roaring Twenties

What happened in the election of 1928? The two candidates are Alfred E. Smith (Democratic) and Herbert Hoover(Republican). In the end, the Republicans were identified with the booming economy of the 1920s.
Who is Marcus Garvey? Why is he important? -started the first widespread black nationalist movement. -He also organized the Improvement Association. -He urged African Americans to go back to their homelands.
What are 3 industries that are hurt in the pearls of prosperity? clothing industry -hurt by change in fashion. coal industry -lost jobs to oil industry. railroad industry -losses out to trucks/cars.
What happens to the farmers? hit hard and can't pay loans.
what did the average American earn in a year? less than 2,000 a year.
how does the government react to the feeling of being a nativist? the government reacts by a quota system
what is a quota system? favors western Europe and denies Asians.
what is the Jones Act of 1917? gave Puerto Ricans citizenship
what was occurring with Darwin's Theory of Evolution? many people were against it because it was against many religions. Also many people were arrested for teaching it.
who is Scopes? What are the results of the trial? a teacher who taught Darwin's theory of evolution and got arrested for it. He lost the trial and was convicted and fined.
what is the difference between the old Klan and the new Klan? old was voting. new preserved U.S. for white, native born protestants.
what do the blacks that were in the war come home to? segregation, race riots, and other racism.
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