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S.S. 5th

Ch 7

What was Thomas Jefferson in Washington's Cabinet Secretary of State
What was Alexander Hamilton in Washington's Cabinet Secretary of Treasury
What was Henry Knox in Washington's Cabinet Secretary of War
What was Edmund Randolph in Washington's Cabinet Attorney General
What does Secretary of State do Handles relations with other countries
What does Secretary of Treasury do Deals with national money matters
What does Secretary of War do Conducts war and protects the nation
What does Attorney General do Handles legal issues and law enforcement
The followers of Jefferson and Hamilton became what The country's first political parties
What do members of political parties do Work to elect their candidates to government offices
In 1791, what did the Union do Add its 14th state, Vermont
As the nation grew, what did people begin to feel There was not enough fertile land in the East
What did people begin to do since they wanted fertile land Look for land west of the Appalachian Mountains to build new lives
Who did Jefferson send to France to try to buy the port of New Orleans and some land nearby James Monroe
Where did Jefferson send James Monroe to try to buy the port of New Orleans and some land nearby France
Who did James Monroe negotiate with in France The leader of France, Napoleon Bonaparte
Why and who did Napoleon sell ALL OF LOUISIANA TERRITORY to America They were fighting a war with Great Britain and needed money
Where was Washington D.C. built On the Potomac River in between Maryland and Virginia. It would not be part of either state
What were Lewis and Clark's three goals Explore the Missouri and Columbia Rivers to see if they could find a water route to the Pacific Ocean, meet and learn about the Native Americans who live in the region, take notes on life
Between 1838-1839 what did the U.S. Army o Force about 15,000 Cherokees to travel about 1,000 miles to Indian Territory
What could the cotton gin do Clean as much cotton in one day as 50 people could clean by hand
What did many woman promote Temperance, or stopping the drinking of alcohol
What did Emma Willard do Open a school for female students in Troy, New York, that offered college courses
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