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Lesson 21/22 PA Hist

4th Grade Social Studies

progress to move ahead
grind to crush
services transporting, moving, and selling items
transport to move goods or people
portage to carry something
gristmill a large building located on a stream to grind grains into flour
sawmills buildings where lumber is cut into boards
ferryboat large raft used to float wagons across rivers
turnpike a road in which travelers paid a toll to turn the gate or pike
canal a waterway dug across land for small boats to go through
industry making, selling, moving of goods, products and services.
steamboats boats with a steam engine that are moved by a paddle wheel
railroads long cars that are connected and moved over iron tracks
locomotives the engine that pushes or pulls a train
iron ore metal ore used to make steel
coke a product make from soft coal
kerosene a refined product of oil
oil a product of a fossil fuel
textile clothing and household materials
refined made into a good
What are the 2 parts of industry? 1. making goods2. servicing goods
what is the name of the sturdy wagon used to get goods over the Alleghany Mountains to Pittsburgh? Conestoga Wagon
What's the name of the place where conestoga wagons were floated across the Susquehanna River? Harris Ferry
What was the name of PA's most famous canal? Main Line Canal
Were canals used for a long period of time in PA? No, the Main Line Canal was the outdated
What invention replace Conestogas and canals as a better way to move people and goods? Steam engines - locomotives and boats
What seperated PAs Western frontier from the Eastern cities? The Alleghany Mountains
Which 2 men are most associated with the steamboat? John Fitch and Robert Fulton
Who ran a successful steamboat operation from Pittsburgh to New Orleans? Robert Fulton
The discovery of what mneral created an industry in PA? Iron ore. For most of the 1800s PA was the leader in iron production in the US
Why was charcoal used in the production of iron? it produced a hotter fire
What was better than charcoal to make a fire which burn hotter in the production of iron? coke
What are the 2 types of coal? Hard Coal and Soft Coal
What type of coal is found in our area? Hard Coal
What type of coal was found in WEstern PA? Soft Coal
What industry did Williamsport become famous for? Lumber
How did Samuel Keir contribute to PA's industrial revolution? He built the first oil refinery in Pittsburgh to produce kerosene
Who began our nation's oil industry Edwin Drake
What did Edwin Drake build in Titusville, PA? the very first oil well
What is the difference between and agricultural society and an industrial society An agricultural society provides for itself an industrial society makes goods in large factories.
What was the Industrial Revolution in PA People moved from an agricultural society to an industrial society.
Created by: czeponis