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Ayer's Rock The name of the famous red rock formation in the Outback. It is called Uluru by the aborigines. It is sacred to the aborigines.
Great Victoria Desert The arid region located in south Western Australia. It is the largest desert in Australia.
Great Barrier Reef It is made from the skeletons of tiny animals. It is located on the north eastern coast of Australia.
Coral Sea The body of water off the north eastern coast of Australia. It is where one of the largest coral reefs in the world is located.
Arid Another word for dry
Outback The interior of Australia. The area located west of the Great Dividing Range.
Great Dividing Range The large mountain range in the east. Most people live east of the range because the range forms a rain shadow and land west of the range is dry.
Aborigines These first people of Australia migrated to Australia form Asia. They were mistreated by British settlers. They used boomerangs to hunt. They created bark paintings. They believe that many of the red rock formations in the Outback are sacred (Uluru)
Penal Colony This is the type of colony that Australia was at first because of the overcrowded prisons in the UK.
English The main language of Australia
Christianity The main religion of Australia
Literacy rate The amount of people that can read or write
Standard of living The overall well-being of a nation (how wealthy and healthy it is)
Unitary Central government has the power
Confederation Local government has the power
Federation Central and local share power
Autocracy One person controls the whole country. Citizens have no rights
Oligarchy A small group of people control the whole country. Citizens have no rights
Democracy Citizens can vote for government leaders.
Parliamentary A type of democracy where the legislative body selects the head of government.
Prime Minister The title of the head of government in Australia
Monarch The title of the head of state in Australia
Constitutional Monarchy A type of government that has a queen/king with limited powers.
Governor General The person who is the queen's voice in former colonies.
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