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Cold War

US History STAAR EOC Terms

Iron Curtain Imaginary wall separating Soviet satellite countries from the West.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO - based on collective security; each member pledges to defend
Mao Zedong Led a communist revolution in China in 1949.
House Un-American Activities Committee HUAC - congressional committee questioned actors, directors, writers, and others about their possible Communist sympathies.
Deterrent Designed to limit retaliation from an enemy for fear of nuclear attack.
Joseph McCarthy Congressman who created fears of a communist conspiracy to overthrow the American government by infiltrating the U.S. State Department with spies.
Containment Policy U.S. would not attempt to overturn communism where it already existed, but they resolved not to allow it to spread.
Truman Doctrine U.S. President who offered military aid to Greece and Turkey when communist rebels threatened the two countries.
Warsaw Pact Soviet Union reacted to creation of Western European alliance by unifying Eastern European satellite countries.
Venona Papers Released in 1997, confirmed identities of several Americans who had spied for the Soviet Union.
Korean War Communist North invaded the South; Truman chose to aid the South to prevent the spread of communism.
GI Bill Servicemen's Readjustment Act; helped veteran's with low interest home loans and money for a college education.
Sputnik 1957; Soviets launch first artificial satellite into space; marks the beginning of the space race.
Berlin Airlift Stalin ordered a blockade in 1947; U.S. organized a massive relief effort to supply and feed the city by flying and dropping supplies over West Berlin.
Dr. Jonas Salk Discovered the polio vaccine
Rosenbergs Married couple charged with selling national secrets to the Soviet Union; convicted and executed.
Cold War Confrontation between the democratic nations of the world (U.S). and the communist nations of the world (USSR).
Eisenhower Doctrine Continuing the policy of containment, Eisenhower agreed to send aid to any Middle Eastern country that needed to stop the spread of communism.
Alger Hiss State department official accused of spying and found guilty of perjury by the HUAC.
Interstate Highway Act Eisenhower's plan to connect the nation through a system of roadways; sparked the middle-class move to the suburbs.
Arms Race Beginning of a competition for weapons superiority after both the U.S. and Soviet Union launch nuclear weapons.
38th Parallel Agreed upon border between communist North Korean and democratic South Korea.
Loyalty Review Board Federal employees were investigated for suspicious activities.
United Nations International peace-keeping organization designed to promote global justice and cooperation with member nations.
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