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C.A.P. Wright Bros.

Civil air patrol wright brothers review

Warriors defend something valuable what is it? Their personal honor
The core values are the four basic qualities CAP expects all members to display at all times, these are what? IVER; Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and respect
Integrity is? The willingness to do what is right, even when no one is looking
Volunteer service is? About selflessness; it is the difference between giving and taking
Excellence is? When no matter what challenge is facing you, you will give it your best
Respect is? being respectful and treating others as you would like to be treated
To know how well you are living up to the ideals of the Core Values requires self-awareness, which is? the ability to monitor and judge your own actions
Self-discipline is? the ability to direct your thoughts, emotions, and actions toward a meaningful purpose
Attitude is? the state of mind that lies behind your every action
All attitudes, weather good or bad, are? contagious
A positive attitude begins in the realization that attitude is a choice in which? you can choose to be positive or negative
Everyone must answer for their actions, regardless of their? rank, even the president is accountable for American people
An oath is? a solemn promise
The uniform is a vehicle for learning what? self-discipline, personal responsibility, and self respect
One persons conduct reflects on? everyone else in the group
A units performance on the drill field is a measure of the cadets sense of what? self-discipline
The chain of command is the order of what? AUTHORITY
final responsibility for getting a job done ought to be assigned to who? a single individual
another benefit of having a chain of command is that? it re-enforces the idea that everyone is accountable to another leader
most organizations use some type of? leadership hierarchy
the chain functions best when people what? resolve issues at the lowest possible level
jumping the chain of command is to be what? avoided
QUIZ: 1) What is a warrior? 2) Name the four CAP Core Values 3) Which core value can be defined as doing what is right, even when no one is looking? 1) someone who defends their valuable personal honor 2) Iver Integrity, volunteer service, excellence, respect 3) Integrity
QUIZ: 4) Which leadership term is defined as the ability to direct your thoughts, emotions, and actions toward a meaningful purpose? 5) Attitudes are said to be contagious. Why? 6) Why does society use oaths? What does it mean to swear to an oath? 4) Self-discipline 5) Because attitudes open or close doors. This is because if your attitude is positive, people know they can work with you. 6) Society uses oaths to acknowledge that the person knows the importance of their duties.
QUIZ: 7) What is the root of all military customs and courtesies? 8) Are military customs and courtesies supposed to make new cadets feel inferior? Why? 7) The root of all military customs and courtesies is the basic politeness and respect. 8) Military customs and courtesies are not supposed to make new cadets feel inferior, they are supposed to make them feel pride.
QUIZ: 9) Is a cadets appearance important? What, if any, effect does how you wear the uniform have on cap? 9) A cadets appearance is important for many reason One is that its a vehicle for learning self-discipline, personal responsibility, and self-respect, along with the fact that one persons conduct reflects on everyone else, including CAP and the Air Force
QUIZ: 10) To jump the chain of command is to take an issue to a high-level leader without consulting their immediate superiors, and is to be avoided. 10) To jump the chain of command is to take an issue to a high-level leader without consulting their immediate superiors, and is to be avoided.
To be a leader, you need to practice what? self-management
Self-management is? the process of directing and controlling your actions so that you can achieve your goals in life
What is a future picture? a clear and compelling description of what you want your life to look like at some point in the future
Goal Setting process is what? 1) Dream big 2) Identify a specific goal and write it down 3) List the steps needed to reach the goal 4) Get help and support from others 5) Work toward your goal, one step at a time
Goals give you what? a sense of mission, a rudder, a meaningful purpose
Good leaders follow what? a decision making process (Not instructions because you are the LEADER)
Before making a decision, you should do what? stop and think
Define your problem and what? write it down
Brainstorming is a method of? generating a large number of creative ideas
Stakeholders are what? People who have a stake in the solution
Consider how your best solution can what? Relate to the core values
Before you decide and act you should what? Pause if you can
Good leaders do what? Re-evaluate their decisions and change course if necessary
Leaders who make bad initial decisions often get caught in the what? Ethical trap
The ethical trap is when you see a student __(1)___. Another person sees this and thinks __(2)___ and may be __(3)___. By not responding to the cheating in the __(4)___, you`ve created another problem for __(5)___ as people think __(6)___. 1) Cheat on a test, but do nothing 2) You and the cheating person are both cheaters 3) Working together 4) First place 5) Yourself 6) Your a cheater, too
Time management is what? The process of organizing and using your time wisely
Efficiency is? A broad term describing how well a leader is making use of their time and other resources
One way to save time is to always... pay attention
It costs time to... save time
Not all work is... productive
Up-time is? the amount of time someone is actually working
Down-time is? the time spent waiting for the opportunity to work
Procrastination is... the practice of putting off for no good reason on a task that should be done right now
Once you know how to procrastinate, try to... identify why you are avoiding the task
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