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North and South

Ch. 13 8th grade

What increased cotton processing? Cotton Gin
What is a plantation manager? overseer
What is a form of a loan credit
What is it called when you refuse to work? strike
What is it called when you have a shortage of food? famine
Who constructed the first mechanical reaper? Cyrus McCormick
What did most enslaved people on a plantation work as? field hands
Where did many immigrants live in? slums
What did workers do to put pressure on employers? staged strikes
What was the main crop of the Deep South? cotton
Who built the first U.S steam locomotive? Peter Cooper
Who transmitted the first telegraph message Samuel Moore
Who was an enslaved African American who rebelled? Nat Turner
What is another name for a regular expense fixed costs
Who formed the American Party? nativists
What did workers who had the same skills form? trade unions
From what country did famine cause people to immigrate to the United States? Ireland
Where where the second largest group of immigrants from? Germany
What large group of Southerners owed small farms? yeomen
What was the North main source of income? industry
What was the South main source of income? agriculture
Who were members of the Know-Nothing-Party? nativists
Who grew sugarcane? Deep South
Who produced tobacco? Upper South
What kind of network was the Midwest and the East united by? railroad tracks
Where did the demand for cotton from the South come from? Europe
If there was a shortage of what, would it have a devastating consequences for the South during the Civil War? railroads
What transformed trade in the nation's interior? railways
What did the economy of the South depend on? slavery
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