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Ancient Greece 2

Where is crete? It is the biggest of the 400 islands in south eastern Europe. It is South of Greece.
Where is Rhodes? Rhodes is east of Crete, an island near what is today Turkey.
Where is Attica? It is a Peninsula that sticks out into the Aegean Sea. It has some of the best farmlands and harbors for fishing.
What is a peninsula ? It is a are of land surrounded by water on 3 sides.
What is a harbor? It is a sheltered place along the coast.
What is Phoenicia? Phoenicia today is Lebanon, Greek merchants
What is Peloponnesus? It is a large peninsula that is ringed by a thin band of fertile land. It has several small rivers but they dry up in the summer.
What is Attica? It has the best farmlands. It is a peninsula that sticks out into the Aegean Sea. It has excellent harbors for fishing and trade.
Where is Phoenicia? It is modern day Lebanon. Sailors traveled to the British islands.
What is special about the economy of Greece? It has no rich soils. Farming very hard. Herds of animals to eat weeds & shrubs. Wheat & barley were grown to make bread. Grapes & Olives were able to grow in the hilly areas. Summers were hot & dry. No rivers to carry silt. Sea for travel & trade.
What are the important aspects of Athens? A democracy(government run by the people.) People learned trades. Girls worked at home & hey learned household tasks: weaving & sewing. Boys did not go to school. Boys worked with fathers as farmers, potters, stoneworkers. Rich went to school.
What are the important aspects of Sparta? Ruled by Kings. They were warriors. Girls practiced sports and trained to be strong. Boys taught to read and write. Boys spent most time training to be soldiers.
What are the Similarities between Athens and Sparta? Polytheistic-honored gods and goddesses. Worshipped Zeus the King of Gods. Every 4 years compete in Olympic Games. Enjoyment of poems by Homer. Only men could be citizens.
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