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Europe Today

Ch. 14 7th grade

What term refers to an economic system in which the government controls some businesses and industries? Socialism
What was the agreement that established the Northern Ireland Assembly in 1998? Good Friday Accord
Who became the president of Poland in 1990? Lech Walesa
What is the name of Sweden's parliament? Riksdag
Who was a general in the French army during WWI and later became president? Charles de Gaulle
What group fought the Germans secretly in France? French Resistance
What structure was built after WWII to separate East and West Germany? Berlin Wall
What was the name of the trade union that won power from the communist government in Poland? Solidarity
What lawmaking body has the House of Lords and the House of Commons? British Parliament
What art style was developed by the French painters? impressionism
What is the capital of the United Kingdom London
What did the Catholics and the Protestants sign? Good Friday
Under what system did the government of France take control of many industries after WWII? socialism
Who established the National Planning Board in 1946 to rebuild France and it's economy? Jean Monnet
What principle was Sweden's foreign policy based on? armed neutrality
What kind of government does the United Kingdom have? constitutional monarchy
What was the Good Friday Accord intended to bring peace to? Northern Island
Who was the British author of Oliver Twist? Charles Dickens
In Sweden, what was one of the worst environmental problems caused by? acid rain
Who started the Fifth Republic? Charles de Gaulle
What country depends most on nuclear power? France
What kind of government has Poland had since 1997? Parliamentary republic
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