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What is a messiah? A savoir in Judaism and Christianity.
What is a disciple? A follower who tells stories of their leader's life and teachings.
What is the Gospel? In the Christian bible, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which are the four books of the New Testament.
What is an epsitle? A letter. Paul wrote many epistles to Christian groups in distant cities. Many of these epistles became a part of the Christian bible.
Who was Jesus? The founder of Christianity, believed by the Christians to be the messiah. Executed the Roman empire. The son of God.
Who was Paul? Disciple of Jesus, spent his later life spreading Jesus' teachings.
Who was Nero? The Roman Emperor from AD 54 to AD 68. He was known to be insane and murdered his mother, half brother and wife.
What was a mercenary? A soldier hired to fight (goes into battle for money).
What was inflation? When there was too much money, of a lesser value.
Who was Constantine? The Emperor of Rome (and Carter's science teacher) from AD 312-337.
Who was Diocletian? Emperor of Rome from AD 284-305. He reorganized the government
Who was Constantinople? The ancient capital of Byzantine (not Mrs. Constantine's uncle).
What was a circus? An arena in ancient times. They were often violent, included animals, gladiators, etc. They would fight to the death.
Who was Martial? A writer whose work complained of how populated Rome was. "There's no peace or quiet in this city."
Who was Seneca? Roman writer, philosopher and statesman.
What is a province? A unit of an empire. The provinces of the Roman Empire each had its own government supported by an army.
What is an aqueduct? A structure that carries water over long distances. The Romans were famous for inventing this system.
Who was Caligula? Roman Emperor believed to be insane for most of his rule. He proclaimed himself a god, and was a cruel, unfair ruler.
Who was Hadrian? He was one of the greatest emperors. He worked hard to build a good government, his laws protected women, children and slaves, and issued a code of laws so they were consistent throughout the empire.
What is Greece? A country in Mediterranean Europe.
WHat is the Coliseum? A large amphitheater built in Rome around AD 70.
What is a republic? A type of government in which citizens who have rights to vote to select their leaders.
What is a patrician? A member of a wealthy family, upper class family in the ancient Roman Empire. They had the right to vote.
What is a plebian? A normal person in the ancient Roman republic.
What is a Consul? One of the two officials who led the ancient Roman republic. They usually agreed with Senate (who advised them), and ruled for one year only. Power was divided equally between them. Both had to agree before government could take action.
What is veto? The Latin word for forbid. When one Consul vetoed a decision, a dictator was brought in to help settle the affair.
What is a dictator? A person in the ancient Roman republic appointed for six months in times of emergency. They had all the powers of a king.
Who were Romulus and Remus? Founders of Rome; twins of the god of war, Mars. This story was important because it showed Romans valued loyalty and justice.
What is a senate? The most powerful part of the government. Made up of 300 patricians.
Who was Cesar ? Cesar was a smart leader and hungry for power. His leadership won him loyalty of his army and they helped him seize power in Rome in 48 BC. He was a dictator.
Why was Cesar important? He took many steps and reorganized the government. While he was helpful, he was too much like a king. He was murdered by one of the senators at a meeting. People felt he had gone too far, too fast in gathering power.
Who was Octavian? Adopted son of Cesar, ruled after his death. He was the first emperor of Rome. He was given the title of Augustus, which meant "highly respected."
Why was Octavian notable? He worked well with the senate, and they respected him (due to the peace and prosperity he brought) so they gave him as much power as he wanted. He was careful not to repeat his father's mistakes (dictatorship and stabbed).
What is a martyr? People who choose to die for a cause they believe in.
What is Judea? The Jewish homeland conquered by Rome in 63 BC.
What were some PROS of Cesar's rule? -Smart, helped the poor by making revolution, great and respected war general, lowered taxes.
What were some CONS of Cesar's rule? He made himself king, responsible for General Pompey's death, repeatedly disrespected Senate, disobeyed law by bringing army to the rebuskus, had a child who was half barbarian, threatens power and wealth of patricians by empowering plebians.
Who were the Estruscans? Ancient people who lived in Italy from at least 650BC-500BC.
What is the Tiber River? Rome is built on its bank. It is a major river in Italy.
What is Gaul? A region inhabited by the ancient Gauls.
What is an oligarchy? Ruled by a few; it failed because they had too much power and made rules that only benefited few.
What is a monarchy? It is ruled by one and failed because they abused their power.
What is tyranny? When a ruler from the working class comes into power; they were generally harsh.
What is a democracy? Ruled by the people.
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