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Indus River valley

The Indus River Valley

What is a subcontinent? A large landmass that is geographically separated from the rest of a continent.
The land of India is a subcontinent of what continent? Asia
What mountain range separates the Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia? The Himalaya
Where does the Indus River begin? High in the Himalaya
Where does the Indus River flow into? The Arabian Sea
What countries of today does the Indus River flow through? China, Pakistan and India
Why is the soil of the Indus valley good for farming? Flooding leaves fertile silt across the plain and the river is close by for irrigation.
When did people learn to farm the rich soil of the Indus Valley? 6,000 BC
What was grown in the Indus Valley? Wheat, barley, beans, rice, bananas,black pepper, mustard, cotton and sesame
What type of climate was in the Indus Valley? Hot
What dangers where there for the early civilizations in the Indus Valley? Floods,tigers, jackals and wild pigs
What are the ruins called that were discovered in the Indus Valley in 1921? Harappa
What is the name of the second city archaeologists discovered after Harappa was uncovered? Mohenjo-Daro ( mound of the dead)
Which civilization used standard sized bricks, toilets, sewer systems and must have had a strong centralized government and economy? Harappan
How do we know that the ancient Harappans were skilled engineers and craftsmen? Archaeologists have uncovered artifacts in the ruins of the workshops that lined the streets that skilled workers would have made.
Who were the first to make cotton fibers into cloth? Weavers in the Indus River valley.
When were the cities of the Indus Valley abandoned? 1600 BC
Who crossed icy passes of mountains and moved east into the Indus valley after the Harappan civilization failed? The Aryans
Who were the Aryans? People from central Asia who rode horses to heard cattle and sheep; they lived in small villages moving frequently to find pastures for their herds.
What language did the Aryans bring into the Indus Valley? Sanskrit
What does Aryan mean in Sanskrit? Noble one
When the Aryans and the Harappans mixed their cultures, what religion was created? Hinduism
Hinduism believes that who had the highest rank and respect? Priests
What is the only way you change the caste you are born into according to Hindu beliefs? Rebirth
How are good deed rewarded in the Hindu beliefs? By birth into a higher caste in the next life
How many gods does Hinduism permit? Many
What does Hinduism teach about all living things? They are connected
What change in Hinduism occurred in the 1950's? The caste system ended
What is the difference between the beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism Hinduism believes one powerful source connects all of life; Buddhism believes peace can be reached by ending all suffering
What was the purpose of the four noble truths? To tell people that suffering comes from selfish desires
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