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Cold War 1960s

Pilot of the U2 spy plane. Gary Francis Powers
Leader of the Soviet Union in the 1960s Nikita Khruschev
In what year was Kennedy elected? 1960
Who did Kennedy run against? Richard Nixon
In what year was the Berlin Wall constructed? 1961
What was Kennedy's domestic agenda called? New Frontier
In what year did Castro take over Cuba? 1959
What was the failed attempt to invade Cuba? Bay of Pigs Invasion
Main reason the invasion of Cuba failed Kennedy called off Air support
In what year did the Cuban Missile Crisis take place? 1962
After the Missile Crisis we removed missiles from what country? Turkey
Result of the Cuban Missile Crisis Khrushchev lost political power
Result of the Cuban Missile Crisis Keneedy acted with maturity and calm political power
Result of the Cuban Missile Crisis Installation of a "hot Line" between Washington and Moscow
Alan Shepard First US astronaut in suborbital mission
John Glen First US astronaut to orbit the earth
Neil Armstrong First man to step on the moon. (1969)
November 22, 1963 Kennedy assassinated in Dallas
Lee Harvey Oswald Accused assassin of JFK
Jack Ruby Killed Lee Harvey Oswald
Warren Commission Concluded Oswald acted alone
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