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Which amendments make the bill of rights? Amendments 1-10
What amendment is freedom of speech, religion, press, assemble, petition 1st Amendment
What amendment is right to bear arms 2nd Amendment
What amendment is freedom fro quartering troops 3rd Amendment
What amendment is freedom from search and seizure 4th Amendment
What amendment is right to grand jury, double jeopardy, right to due process 5th Amendment
What amendment is right to trail by jury, confront accuser 6th Amendment
What amendment is right to jury trail in civil cases 7th Amendment
What amendment prohibits excess bail and cruel and unusual punishment. 8th Amendment
What amendment give non-enumerated rights are retained by the people 9th Amendment
What amendment says powers not specifically given to the US are retained by the states and the people 10th Amendment
What amendment limits power of national govt. in suits against states 11th Amendment
What amendment revised electoral college procedure for election of Vp and President 12th Amendment
What amendment outlawed Slavery 13th Amendment
What amendment says ex-slaves are citizens, due process to states 14th Amendment
What amendment says right to vote cannot be denied or abridged on basis of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. 15th Amendment
What amendment authorized federal income tax 16th Amendment
What amendment provided direct election of US senators 17th Amendment
What amendment prohibited the manufacture or sale of liquor in US 18th Amendment
What amendment addressed women's suffrage 19th Amendment
What amendment was called the lame duck. Created emergency president succession plan 20th Amendment
What amendment repealed to end prohibition 21st Amendment
What amendment limit presidents to 2 terms 22nd Amendment
What amendment gives DC citizens right to vote 23rd Amendment
What amendment prohibits poll taxes for federeal elections 24th Amendment
What amendment revised the pres. disability and successsion process 25th Amendment
What amendment lowered voting to 18 26th Amendment
What amendment delayed the effect of congressional pay raises 27th Amendment
What caused US to enter WW1 Germany declares submarine warfare against armed vessels
What was the name of the British ship sunk by the Germans killing 1200 people Lusitania
What stated WWI assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
What was the Zimmerman Telegram telegram from German Foreign Minister to the German Minister of Mexico, offering US territory to Mexico for joining the german cause
Who was Coronado First European to explore teh southwest. Searched for the city of gold. first to visit the grand canyon
Who was Cortes Over threw the aztec empires and claimed montezuma for spain
Who was de Soto First spanish explorer to sail the atlantic and the first european to explore florida, and mississippi river
Who was John Cabot First english explorer to lay claim to north america
Who was Sir Francis Drake Mayor of Plymouth, second in command of the english fleet
Who was John Smith Founder and leader of Jamestown
Who was Henry Hudson Explored Arctic ocean. hired to find North west passage
Who was Sir Walter Raleigh First english settlement attempt at roanoke island
Who is Jacques Cartier French explorer to canada
Who is Samuel de Champlain French explorer who mapped much of the north america. Father of new france
Who is Sieur de la Salle First European to travel the entire mississippi river
Who is Christopher Columbus First European to sail across the Atlantic for spain. discovered america
Who is Amerigo Vespucci Italian explorer sailed from portugal. First person to realize americas were separate from asia
Who was Giovanni da Verrazano Italian explored the atlantic coast of north america
Who is James Madison author of the bill of rights
Who was Alexander Hamilton felt that the bill of rights might limit unspoken rights
Who was George Madison Wrote the virginia bill of rights
Who was John Locke known for a stance proposing that all men were fee and equal. comments used in presenting the bill of rights to congress
Who was Vasco Balboa crossed isthmus of panama and discovered the pacific ocean
Who was Ferdinand Magellan sailed on a 3 year voyage around the world
Who was Francisco Pizarro overtook the inca in peru
Who was da gama sailed around africa to india
What was the Columbian Exchange plants, animals, foods, people between N&S hemispheres. brought diseases
What were pre-colonial civilizations Indigenous populations existing in americas prior to spanish and english explorers
Who were the inca peru empire flourished around 1200 to 1530
Who were the aztecs modern nation of mexico.
Who were the adena and hopewell located in ohio and mississippi valley.
Who were the mayans developed heiroglyphic writing and a calendar.southern mexico/ yucatan
What is the Beringia submerged area under the bering sea that is thought to have been the land bridge between asia and north america
what region did the Nez Perce live Oregon, Washington, and Idaho
what region did the pawnee live Nebraska
who were the Paleo indians first settlers of the americas
What was the iroquois confederation of tribe known as the six nations. located in new york
What region did the Cherokee live southeast, north and south carolina, georgia, alabama, tennessee
What is Anasazi north american culture centered around chaco canyon and included complex roads and irrigation systems
What was the agricultural revolution shift from hunting and gathering to cultivating basic food crops
What ist the eastern woodland cultures indian groups that switched between agrarian communities and hunter gatherer family groups seasonally
Who founded Quebec Samuel de Champlain
What were the early dutch colonies NY, NJ, CT, DE, and PA
What were the early english colonies settled for religious freedom, commerce, and trade, eventually grew into 13 distinct territories
Who was Richard Hakluyt author of Voyages
What was Jamestown first permanent english settlement in north america
What was the virginia company english stock company. responisible for establishing the jamestown settlement
What is the protestant reformation 16th century religious movement to reform and challenge the authority of the roman catholic church
What was the Massachusetts Bay Colony english settlement centered around salem and boston.
What is plymouth landing site of the mayflower
Who were the puritans members of a reformed protestean sect that insisted on removing all catholicism
What was the mayflower compact the first governing document of the plymouth colony.
What was the great Migration voluntary migration of poor europeans to the americas
Who founded Maryland George Calvert. a haven for englands persecuted catholics
Who was william penn founded pennsylvania, for a refuge of english quakers
What is the headright system system of land distrbution through which settlers were granted 50 acres for each person who transferred to the new world
Who were the Conquistadores Spanish adventureers. subdued the native americans and created a spanish empire in the new world
What is the encomienda system labor system that rewarded xonquistadores in the new world by garnting them local villages and control over the natives
What is the treaty of tordesillas treaty to resolve land claims of spain and portugal. divided the world along a north-south line. Portugal got brazil, spain everything else
What is requerimiento document threatening to enslave native americans if spanish demands were not met
What was the seven year war french and indian war
What was the proclamation of 1763 attempted to restrain americans from moving onto indian land west of the appalachian mountians
What was the sugar act also known as the revenue act. placed new burdens on the navigation acts.
What was the stamp act required an offical stamp on all documents. John Adams stated "The pot is set to boil"
What are the townsend duties duties placed on american imports of paper, glass, paint and tea. Created by Charles townsend
What were the coercive acts also known as the intolerable acts. closed ports of boston, quartered troops in private residences, limited town meetings
What were the intolerable acts boston act, massachusetts act, quartering act, and the impartial adimistration of justice act
What was the tea act allowed the east india company to sell directly to the colonies.
What was the quebec act enlarged the boundaries of the french/catholic province
who were the sons of liberty secret organization of american patriots
What was the boston massacure confrontation between british troops and boston mob. five people killed when shot fired into the crowd
What were the navigation acts series of laws which restricted the use of foreign shiiping for trade between england and the colonies
What was the quartering act required the providing of qfuarters for british soldiers
What was the "shot heard round the world" impact of the battle at old north bridge in concord. Start of the revolutionary war
First continental congress representatives from each colony except georgia, to compose a statement of colonial rights
Second continental congress established the continental army, elected george washington as commander in chief of said army
Articles of confederation the first govening constitution of the united states.
What was the treaty of Paris gave the united states control of cuba, philippines, puerto rico, and guam
What was the battle of bunker hill also known as battle of breed's hill. colonials held position until they ran out of ammunition.
Who was Paul Revere boston silversmith, who sounding the alarm that the british were coming
who was James Madison 4th president
Who ws James Monroe 5th president
What was the Missouri compromise missouri was declared a slave state
What was the monroe doctrine declaring US opposition to european interference in the americas.
What is the black legend spaniards oppression of native americans
Who is Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers, inventor, helped draft the declaration of indepence
Who was George Washington 1st president, determined presidential role and term limits, commanded the army
Who was John Adams 2nd President, first VP,
Who was Samuel Adams proposed meeting of continental congress and signed the delcaration in 1776
What is Jeffersonianism notions that people are self-sufficient and survive and thrive because of their own choices
What was the Louisiana Purchase purchased land from the gulf of mexico to the rocky mountains and canada from france
Who was Thomas Jefferson 3rd president. involved in the louisiana purchase. commissioned Lewis and clark
Who was Andrew Jackson 7th president. responsible for the trail of tears and indian removal act
What was the trail of tears forced relocation of native americans to oklahoma
What was the indian removal act authorized the president to negotiate treaties to purchase tribal lands in the east for land further west
Abramham Lincoln 16th president. president during the civil war. freed slaves. wrote the emancipation proclamation. famous gettyburg address
What was the emancipation proclamation freed slaves in territories not already under union control
Who was Theodore Roosevelt 26th president. author of square deal,
What was the square deal aimed at helping middle class citizens
What was the spanish/American war conflict between spain and the us over the liberation of cuba
What is the panama canal water way across colombia
Who was Woodrow Wilson 28th president, during WWI and the league of nations
What was the fourteen points intended to assure the country that WWI was being fought for a moral cause
What was the league of nations established by the poeace treaties that ended WWI
Who was Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd president. only president to serve more than two terms. author of the new deal. author of the alphabet agencies. president during WWII
Who passed the Agricultural adjustment act Franklin D Roosevelt
Who passed the Tennessee Valley authority Franklin D roosevelt
Who helped establish the FDIC Franklin D Roosevelt
What was the new deal programs to help to the unempolyed during the great depression
Who was Harry S. Truman 33rd president. atom bomb, and desegregation of the military. called for foundation of Nato
Where was the first atomic bomb dropped Hiroshima
Who was Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th president, added Hawaii and Alaska as states. General during WWII
John F. Kennedy 35th president. assassinated in 1963. challenged congress to put man on moon. headed civil rights movement. vietnam
Bay of pigs invasion plan to overthrow fidel castro of cuba
Who was Lyndon B. Johnson 36th president. vietnam led to his personal destruction. author of great society.
What was the great society aid for education, medicare, conservation, development of depressed regions, removal of obstacles to the right to vote
Who was Richard Nixon 37th president. watergate. deplomatic openings with china
Who was Henry Kissinger involved in the watergate scandal
Who was Ronald Reagan 40th president. author of reagonomics. hastened end of cold war. berlin came down
Who were the federalists supporters of the constitution who advocated it's ratification.
Election of 1828 Jackson vs. Clay. first election truly fought on modern party lines
What was the Treaty of Guadalupe treaty ending the mexican/american war
Who was Andrew Jackson 7th president.
Who was Horace Mann Spokesman for the common public school movement and education reform
Who was Harriet Beecher Stowe author of Uncle tom's cabin
What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act introduced to bring labor to the colony. Every person who paid their way to VA was granted 50 acres of land.
What was the compromise of 1850 admitted California as a free state. strengthened the fugitive slave act.
What was the fugitive slave act law denying fugitives a trial by jury, right to testify, and minimal constitutional rights. No safe guards against kidnapping free blacks
What was the Dred Scott case slaves could not be citizens. a slave in a free state trying to gain his freedom.
What did the election of 1860 cause set the stage the civil war, with Lincoln being elected president
what was the emancipation proclamation lincoln proclaims that slaves of the confederacy are free. this made clear that abolishment of slavery was an explicit war aim of the north
Define the Manifest destiny expressed the belief that the US had a mission to expand, spreading its form of democracy and freedom
What was the case of Plessy v. Ferguson about plessy was jailed for sitting in the "white" car of the east louisiana railroad
What was "bleeding Kansas a bloody conflict over kansas becoming a proslavery or antislavery state
The war with mexico in 1845 began because the US annexation of Texas
What was the prohibition of 1919 amendment passed prohibiting the manufacturing, slaes , and transportation of alcohol in the US
What was the revenue act reducted inheritance and personal income tax
Where did the immigrants come from in the industrial revolution Europe
What was black Thursday stock market drops 1/2 of value in a single day
who was father coughlin priest who proposed crank schemes of monetrary inflation
Who was Frances Townsend physician who proposed pension plan for those over 60
Who was Hideki Tojo premier of Japaneses military during WWII
Who wrote the "Crisis" and what was it about W.E.B. De Bois. encourage soldiers to fight for domacracy
Who was Rovert Oppenheimer created teh first atomic bomb
When was D day 1944, June 6
Who was Winston Churchhill prime minister and leader for britain in WWII
Who was Charles De Gaulle president and leader for the french in WWII
Who was Stalin leader of the soviet union during WWIIq
Describe a political map boundaries, divisions, and captials
Describe a relief map plains, mountains, rivers, deserts and plateaus
Describe a topographical map natural and manmade features, realative position, and elevation
Describe a road map direction, highways, cities, and interstates
What is the 38th parallel dividing line between north and south korea
Who was Rosa Park refuse to give up set on bus for a white woman
What is a climate map showing the climates for particular areas
What is a physical map uses colors, lines, symbols, tints, and shading to show physical characteristics
Who is Gerarde Mercator created first projection map in 16th century.
What is a Mercator map cylindrical map projection into a rectangular map.
What are conic projections crdated in 20th century, superimposed a cone on globe, preserves shape and relationship
What is cylindrical projection any projection in which meridians are mapped to equally spaced vertical lines and latitudes are mapped to horizontal lines
Desert water is a limiting factor. less in 10 in annually.
subtropical areas immediately north and south of the tropic zones.
grassland climatic zone between forest and desert. seasonal drought, periodic fires, grasses precominant vegetation.
Savannah Alternate rainy seasons with periods of drought, periodic fires, flowering trees, predominant herbivores are insects
Tundra cold temps, permafrost, no trees/tall plants, shrubby vegetation with roots that don't penetrate subsoil.
Tropical forest along the equator, variable rainfall, only two seasons, wet and dry.
Artic cold, long winters, very short mild season, snow all year
highlands long, cold winters short, cool summers, dry air, mountains
subarctic cool summers, cold winter
mediterranean dry, warm summer and cool, wet winter
semi-arid climate enough mositure to support vegetation
humid continental cool, wet winters, warm dry summers, moderate precipitaion
humid suptropical hot summers, no dry season
continental subarctic cold to mild all yar, low total precipitation
Marine west coast warm-cool summers, no dry season
What is a deciduous forest trees drop their leaves before winter because the decrease in temperature limits their ability to photosynthesize
What is a coniferous forest forest in temperate regions with warm summers and cool winters. predominately evergreen conifers
what is deforestation clearing of vast areas of forests for farming and urban development
What are the two cliamate factors air temperture and percipitation
renewable resources resources that can be replaced continually
non-renewable resources raw gas, iron, copper
population growth is based on what birth and death rate
Legislative branch power to create, amend, and change laws
executive branch responsible for the day-to-day management of the state. contains head of govenment, the president, who is the head of this branch
Judical branch explains laws, conducts trails and test the laws to make sure that they are constitutional. consists of the supreme court
electoral college to select the president and vice president
house of representative elected every 2 years
senate elected every six years
Bill of rights 1st 10 amendments
roe v. wade right to abortion
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