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Criquet Terms

Across the Line A batsman plays across the line when he moves his bat in a direction lateral to the direction of the incoming ball.
Agricultural Shot this is a swing across the line of the ball (resembling a scything motion) played without much technique. Often one that results in a chunk of the pitch being dug up by the bat, or that winds up with the ball going to Cow Corner
All Out when an innings is ended due to ten of the eleven batsmen on the batting side being either dismissed or unable to bat because of injury or illness.
All-Rounder a player adept at both batting and bowling
Anchor a top-order batsman capable of batting for a long duration throughout the innings. Usually batsmen playing at numbers 3 or 4 play such a role. An anchor plays defensively, and is often the top scorer in the innings.[
Approach The motion of the bowler prior to bowling the ball. It is also known as the run-up. Also the ground a bowler runs on during his run up. E.g.: "Play was delayed because the bowler's approaches were slippery."
Asking Rate the run rate at which the team batting second needs to score to catch the opponents score in a limited overs game
Attacking Feild A fielding configuration in which more fielders are close in to the pitch so as to take catches and dismiss batsmen more readily, at the risk of letting more runs get scored should the ball get past them.
Attacking Shot A shot of aggression or strength designed to score runs.
Back foot Contact is the position of the bowler at the moment when his back foot lands on the ground just prior to delivering the ball
Back foot Shoot a shot played with the batsman's weight on his back foot (i.e. the foot further from the bowler)
Back Spin (also under-spin) a delivery which has a rotation backwards so that after pitching it immediately slows down, or bounces lower and skids on to the batsman
Baggy Green cricket cap of myrtle green colour, which has been worn by Australian Test cricketers since around the turn of the twentieth century.
Bail one of the two small pieces of wood that lie on top of the stumps to form the wicket.
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