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Ancient Greece

What is a Monarchy? The earliest form of government in Greece. It is a government where a king or queen rules. It has one ruler. A single ruler. Mono=one.
What is Minoa? It was an unkown civilization on the island of Crete. The archaeologists named it Minoa after the King of Crete.
What is Polis? It is a special kind of city-state. The City-State share languages and letters and one city at its heart/center. A city-state consisting of a town and the farms and villages that surround it. See Page 190.
What is a City-State? Each region of Greece had a city as the main city of the region or in its heart. It was called the City-State. It is a political unit made up of a city and it's surrounding land.
What is Agora? Hint: Open An open area, it was the center of city life, farmers gathered in these open areas to trade/sell goods. Town meetings were also held here.
What is special about Athens and Sparta? Hint: Big They were the largest cities in Ancient Greece. The most famous. Many documents and artifacts from these two
What is an Acroplis? Page 190 Hint: Hill It is a fortified hilltop with walls in a city used for military purposes, temples and palaces. People could seek safety here during an enemy attack.
What is a oligarchy? A type of government where a small group of the richest and most powerful citizens controlled decision making. A government that is ruled by a few, wealthy, landowning people
What is a democracy? The word democracy combines two Greek words and means "rule by the people."
What is a tranny? Taking power of government illegally
What is special about Sparta? In 700 BC Sparta controlled much of the Southern Peloponnesus and was Greece's largest city-state. Most of them were farmers. They had to pay big taxes on crops.
What is Sparta known as? It is known as the city of Soldiers.
What is special about Athens? Athens is on the peninsula of Attica northeast of Sparta. Girls did not play sports they stayed home and did household tasks, weave, sewing. Boys worked with fathers as farmers, potters, stonework. Wealthy kids went to Gymnastics to wrestle or box.
What was Mount Olympus? It is northern Greese and most people believed that gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus. All Greeks worshiped Zeus.
Who is Homer? Page 194 He was the most famous Greek poet and lived between 800 and 700 BC. He created two epic poems or long stories that tell about legendary heros or historical figures.
What is a peninsula? Hint: Florida A piece of land that is surround by water on 3 sides.
Who is Zeus? He is the King of the Greek gods and goddesses. An important temple to Zeus was at "Olympia" Then every four years athletes would met there and competed. That's why we have the Olympic games today.
What does the Golden Age mean? It is a period of time when there was prosperity, a strong civic life, developments in philosophy, drama, music, sports, geometry, and architectural achievements.
What is a Parthenon? A Parthenon is a marble temple dedicated to Athena located at the top of The Acropolis in Athens.
What is an Acroplis? It is a fortified hilltop with walls in a city used for military purposes, temples and palaces. People could seek safety here during an enemy attack.
What is an "assembly"? An Assembly is a law making body of government. Athens was one of the first to have citizens to vote.
Who was Pericles? He was the leader of Athens around 450 BC. He made sure all citizens could take part in government(rich or poor) and were paid for their service/work.
What is a Jury? A Jury is a group of Citizens who hear evidence in a court of law.
What does Philosophy mean? Philosophy is the search for wisdom and the right way to live.
Who was Socrates? Socrates was a teacher/philosopher who led discussions about ways to live. He was sentenced to death because of his ideas.
Who is Plato? Plato was a student of Socrates who later became a famous teacher
What was the Peloponnesion War? It occurred between 431-404BC. It ended the Golden Age of Athens. It was a war between Athens and Sparta.
Who was stringer at Sea? Athens or Sparta Athens was stronger at Sea and Sparta stronger on land.
Who won the war? Athens surrenders in 404 BC and Sparta wins.
What is Macedonia? Macedonia is a powerful kingdom to the North of Greece.
Who was Philip II? Philip II was the King of Macedonia. He defeated Greece with his powerful army as they were weak from the Peloponnesian War.
What are phalanxes? Hint they fight wars. Phalanexs are small units of soldiers.
What is an Orator? An orator is a person who is skilled in public speaking. Example: Demosthenes,.
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