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Commedia Dell' arte

Italian Theater History

I Gelosi The most famous Commedia troupe. Made up of the Andreini family
Isabella Andreini The leader, and most famous actress of the Innamorata
Lazzi Pre-planned comic bits
Innamorato The male lovers (Unmasked)
Innamorata The female lovers (Unmasked)
Dottore The dumb professor (Masked)
Pantalone Master, Old, lecherous, miser (Masked)
Capitano Braggart, but cowardly military man
Zanni/zagnie Male servants/Female servants
Arlecchino Dumb servant, always gets away with it. Likes food and women. (Masked)
Pulcinella Dumb servant. Violent but cosmopolitan. (Masked)
Brighella Smart servant. Sneaky, always gets into trouble. A liar and thief.
Pedrolino Smart Servant, lover and sometimes assassin. Baker with white with flour. (Masked)
Columbina Saucy, female maid. A wench, and all about hips.
Franceschina An earthier version of the Columbina
Carlo Goldoni Major writer of the Commedia. Tried to go against conventions . No fantastical elements, improvisation, and tried to reduce the spectacle.
Carlo Gozzi The opposite of Goldoni. Emphasized conventions of commedia. Spectacle, improvisation, more spectacle.
Fiabe Italian folk tales that Commedia was based on.
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