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Florence Italian Renaissance city-state and home of the Florence cathedral-birthplace of the Renaissance
Milan Italian Renaissance city-state and competed with Florence and Venice
Venice Italian Renaissance city-state and completed with Florence and Milan
Medici family provided money and financial support for emerging artists
Michelangelo Famous artist and sculptor-Sistine Chapel and statue-"David"
Botticelli Italian painter that received financial support from the Medici family
Michiavelli An Italian philosopher from Florence
Copernicus Scientific evidence that the Earth orbits the sun
Renaissance a time period meaning "rebirth" of artistic expression and knowledge
Kepler astronomer that discovered ideas of planetary motion
Galileo astronomer that invented a telescope and provided evidence that the sun is the center of the universe
Newton scientist that discovered the laws of motion (gravity)
St. Peter's Basilica Renaissance church located in Vatican City
Marco Polo Wrote a book about his journey to China and caused many people to want to go to China to buy goods
secular worldly rather than religious
humanist emphasis on the individual
perspective artistic method that makes paintings or drawings to look three dimensional
vernacular common language of the people
Leonardo da Vinci known as the "Renaissance Man" and sculptor, inventor, mathematician, architect
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