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Great Depression

Great Depression & WWII

Stock Market Buying & selling of stocks as shares in companies
Great Depression started in 1929
WWII for American started in 1941
The Dust Bowl started in 1932
The New Deal started in 1933
International conflict led to Petroleum plants, naval & aircrafts, Ammunition plants, & military facilities
Economic Depression A period of economic decline characterized by high unemployment, high prices, & a lack of economic production
Audie Murphy Most decorated soldier who was in several movies after the war
What does overproduction do to prices? Makes them decline and slows the economy
Rationing Giving out limited amounts of food & supplies
Internment Confinement
Rural Farm/Country
Urban City
What caused the Dust Bowl? Poor farming practices & drought
The New Deal helped people by? Creating jobs to build roads & bridges
Where did many farmers move to due to the Dust Bowl? California
How were farmers economically impacted by the Dust Bowl? The banks to the farms
What did Texas help supply during WWII? Natural resources, such as oil
John Nance Garner Texas House of Representatives, U.S. House of Rep., & Vice President to FDR
Why were military bases & internment camps built in Texas? Texas has a lot of open land & a good climate
Sam Rayburn Speaker of the House & pushed for legislation that would protect the public interest
Mariam Ferguson & W. Lee O' Daniel Governors during the Great Depression
How did Texas try to stop the damage from the Dust Bowl? Planting trees & vegetation
Free Enterprise Economy where people own & run their own businesses & respond to consumer demand
Supply & Demand Supply is the amount of goods available, & demand is the desire to own something & the ability to pay for it
Profit The increase in material wealth
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