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Great Depression

terms and definitions

Surplus having more than enough
New Deal programs created by FDR to improve conditions of the G.D.
Great Depression a long severe recession in an economy
Dust Bowl an area of land that is unsuitable for farming
Herbert Hoover the President during the G.D. and stock market crash
FDR The President that created the New Deal and led the country out of the depression
Speculation buying something that you have no info about
Buying on Margin when a broker only pays 10% of a stock
Bool Weevil a bug that destroyed cotton on farms
Seaboard Railroad a train that went bankrupt due to textiles and industries losing money
Hoovervilles towns with shacks and tents that homeless people lived in.
stock market crash when all of the stock markets lost money and failed
drought hit farmers which caused all of the crops to dry up and die.
unemployment loss of a job
bankrupt when a store or business has no money and can no longer stay in business
increased credit usage with depressed wages and rising prices, consumers had to buy on credit
economy currency in a country
overproduction producing more than you can sell