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OPP Kidney Bladder

Kidney Bladder Patterns

Kidney and Heart not harmonized Kidney and Heart Yin Deficiency Palpitations, Mental Restlessness, Insomnia, Poor Memory, Dizziness, Tinnitus, Deafness, Sore low back, Night emissions w/dreams, YIN deficient symptoms, pulse TX: Nourish HT and KID Yin, Clear Heart Heat, Calm Mind, Ht7, Ht6, Ht5, Yintang, Bl15, Ren15
Kidney Yin Deficient Dizziness, tinnitus(like cicadas), vertigo, poor memory, deafness, nightsweats, dry mouth at night, 5 palm heat, thirst, sore back, achy bones, nocturnalemissions with dreams, constipation TX Nourish Kidney Yin, Ren4, K3,K6,K10,K9, SP6, Ren7, Lu7, K6
Damp Heat in Bladder UTIs, Frequent and Urgent urination, burning on urination, difficult urination, dark yellow and turbid urine, fever, thirst, tongue: red body, thickstickyyellow coating on the root w/red spots, slippery and pounding tense rpp plb
Kidney Yang Deficient, water overflowing Edema, esp of legs and ankles, cold feeling, esp in the legs and back, fullness and distension of the abdomen, soreness of the lower back, scanty clear urine, tongue pale body, swollen thin white coating, deep feeble absent pp, TX: du4, bl23, bl22, ren6
Kidney Yang and Lung Deficiency Thin, watery, frothy, sputum, cough, asthma, breathlessness on exertion, can not lie down, qi def qualities at the rdp, or slp
Kidney and Heart Yang Deficiency Palpitations, Breathlessness, cold hands, pulse: deep, feeble absent LDP, frequent missed beats, rate decrease with exertion, heart enlarged position present
Kidney Failing to receive Qi Shortness of breath on exertion, rapid and weak breathing, difficulty inhaling, cough, asthma, sweating, swelling of the face
Kidney Yin Deficient Empty Fire Blazing Advanced Kidney Yin Deficient, Malar flush, mental restlessness, feeling jagged, nightsweats, excessive sexual desire TX: nourish Kidney Yin, Clear Empty Heat, Calm the Mind, K3, K6, K10, K9, Ren4, K2, LU10, Ht8
Kidney Essence Deficiency Dizziness, Low back and knees weak and aching, tongue red and peeled, hammer shaped, loose teeth, bad teeth, senility, tinnitus, gradual loss of hearing, hairloss, premature gray hair, weakness of sexual activity TX Nourish essence, tonify the Kidney
Bladder Deficient and Cold Basically same as Kid qi/yang deficiency, frequent pale urination, incontinence, enuresis, lower back ache, tongue: pale,wet, swollen, qi deficient qualities at the PP, Tonify, warm bladder and Kidney Yang
Kidney Qi Deficient Soreness or weakness of the low back and knees, frequent and clear urination, dribbling of urine, nocturia, enuresis, incontinence,
Bladder qi stagnation distening or dull aching in hypogastria, temporary relief with urination, urinary stream may be hesitant or difficult to start, normal urine, worse with stress, normal tongue, tense pulse TX: qi regulators, bl28, ht8, liv3,8,5,2
Created by: apples22976