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SS Ch7 L4-5

Agriculture and the Economy

agriculture growing crops and raising animals
irrigate bring water to a dry area through pipes, hoses, or canals
livestock animals raised to be used for food, sport, or work
manufacturing process of turning raw materials into finished goods
refine made usable
budget plan for spending money
entrepreneur someone who organizes and manages a business
foreign from another country
income money paid for working at a job
interest a charge for borrowing money
More than half of Ohio's land is used by farmers.
Food processing is taking food from one form to another.
An example of food processing is when milk is turned into yogurt
Important energy resources for Ohio include: natural gas, coal, and petroleum.
The process of stripping away all the plants, soil, and rock above a coal deposit and digging out the coal beneath is known as strip mining.
Mining companies in Ohio are working to _________________ after coal is removed. reclaim the land
A process called "reclamation" attempts to return the land to its original state or better.
Today, Ohio__________ most of its oil and natural gas from other states and countries. imports
Much of Ohio's economic success can be tied to the hard work of entrepreneurs.
Today, ___________________ makes up nearly one fifth of Ohio's economy. manufacturing
Today, Ohio's____________________ employs more people than any other industry in the state. service industry
Today, Ohio's transportation industry employs many workers at ports on Lake Erie and on the Ohio River.
Many Ohioans work to earn an income.
Other reasons people work are to be challenged, to share their skill and knowledge, and because it can be fun.
Banks sometimes pay _____________ to people who put their money into bank accounts. interest
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