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Herb Test #7

Herbs that Dispel Wind Dampness

Du Huo 3-9g, KID BL, Warm, Bitter, Acrid. Painful obstruction in the lower body, DAMP BI, Also used for Shao Yin HEADACHE and TOOTHACHE (UPPER AND LOWER BODY)
Wei Ling Xian 6-9g, BL, Acrid, Salty, Warm. Unblocks channels, alleviates pain, WIND BI, Softens and transforms fish bones, LOWER back and Knees
Mu Gua 6-12g, LIV, SP, Sour, Warm. Harmonizes Spleen and Stomach, LOWER BODY, LEG QI, Alleviates CRAMPS, Relaxes Sinews
Sang Ji Sheng 9-15g, LIV, Bitter, Sweet, Neutral. Tonifies Liver and Kidneys. Strengthens and Nourishes Yin and Blood, SINEWS, and bones, QUIETS FETUS, DRY SCALY SKIN
Sang Zhi 9-15g (up to 30) LIV. Bitter, Neutral. UPPER extremities, HOT BI, W/ GUII ZHI for cold
Hot Bi Syndrome Xi Xian Cao, Luo Shi Teng, Qin Jiao, Sang Zhi
Damp Bi Syndrome Du Huo
Wind Bi Syndrome Wei Ling Xian
Special Indication for STIFFNESS Shen Jin Cao
Special Indication for CRAMPS Mu Gua
Special Indication for Difficult Conditions, wind in channels and collaterals Snakes: Bai Hua She, Wu Shao She
Strengthen Sinews Sang Ji Sheng, Wu Jia Pi
Dermatology Sang Ji Sheng, Snakes: Bai Hua She, Wu Shao She
Upper Extremities Dui Yao Sang Zhi, Gui Zhi
Upper and Lower Dui Yao Qian Hao, Du Huo
Lower Body Du Huo, Wei Ling Xian, Hai Tong Pi, Mu Gua
Created by: apples22976