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HELUS Led Zeppelin

Music History: Led Zeppelin

Drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham
Bassist/Keyboards John Paul Jones
Guitarist Jimmy Page
Vocals Robert Plant
Born 1948, died in 1980 from alcohol overdose John Bonham
Led Zeppelin's motto Ever Onward
Formed in 1968 from the remains of what group? The Yardbirds
Which member formerly worked for The Rolling Stones? John Paul Jones
Robert Plant and John Bonham came from what town in England? Birmingham
Although he couldn't "put a tag" to their music, how did Jimmy Page describe it? Contemporary Blues
What was the name of their first album? (It was self-titled) Led Zeppelin
What is radio's alltime most requested song? Stairway to Heaven
What was the name of the film documentary and double-album soundtrack of 1976 titled? The Song Remains the Same
Where did Robert Plant nearly lose his leg in a car crash in 1975? A Greek Island
What was the name of Robert Plant's son who died of a viral infection in 1977 at the age of six? Karac
What did drummer John Bonham die of in 1980? Asphyxiation
Why did the group disband? Bonham's death
What band did Jimmy page form after Led Zeppelin disbanded? The Firm
What was the reunion album in 1995 titled? No Quarter
Led Zeppelin places second only to what group in terms of alltime record sales? The Beatles
Created by: jnosik