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2021 China

2021 China Test

Most Chinese belong to the ethnic group Han Chinese
The Chinese built __________ to defend the Mongols. Great Wall of China
Deng Xiaoping's leadership led great changes mainly in China's Economy
The art of beautiful writing practiced in China Calligraphy
How does China's government differ from democratic governments One party dominates the government
The first Communist Leader of China in 1949 Mao Zedong
The current government of Taiwan was established by Nationalists
What would have an immediate negative impact on China's economy Blocking of exports
The Chinese have built dams and reservoirs mainly in order to Find clean energy resources
Taiwan's economy is based on Manufactured goods
What resource does North Korea have in greater abundance than Japan or South Korea Minerals
Mongolia's location in the north effects its climate by making it Colder
Pacific coastal areas with volcanoes and earthquakes Ring of Fire
The capital of China Beijing
China has a combination of communism and capitalism
This country borders China on the northeast North Korea
The site of the 1989 protest in China Tiananmen Square
This river is called China's sorrow because of floods in the past Yellow River
The most populated country in Asia China
People who move from place to place with herds of animals nomadic herders
Government allows individuals to choose their jobs and businesses and keep their profits free enterprise
Communist State Government has control over the economy and society as a whole.
The major crop that forms the basis of a people's diet Staple crop
A ruling family that holds power for many years dynasty
Severe food shortage famine
land that can be used to grow crops arable
China's staple crop Rice
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