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Chapter7 Study Guide

Ancient China Study Guide

________ wanted the best minds to work in government. Han Wudi
________ is the school of LAW. Legalism
This philosopher/thinker promoted a peaceful society. Laozi
____________ is the belief that all people with a talent for governing should govern. Confucianism
The people who share a similar position in society are in the same ____________. social class
This structure was built to keep out the Xiongnu. The Great Wall of China
This thinker developed the teachings of Legalism. Hanfeizi
An __________ is a noble whose wealth comes from the land he or she owns. aristocrat
___________ is a system of appointed officials who run different parts of the government. Bureaucracy
A _______ is a formal order. mandate
A __________ is a character that stands for objects, such as the moon and the sun. pictograph
An _________ is characters that represent an idea in Chinese writing. ideograph
In Chinese society, the merchants' class ranked below which two groups of people. Aristocrats and farmers
Confucius believed that society would do well if everyone always did his or her ____. duty
The Great Wall of China was built using the labor of which group of people? Farmers
The Silk Road stretched _____ miles from western China to southwest Asia. 4,000
A Chinese family was usually headed by whom? The oldest male
These people pay their rent by giving the landlord a portion of their crops. Tenant farmers
The Zhou dynasty claimed this principle gave them the right to rule. Mandate of Heaven
Chinese families practiced filial piety, which meant the children had to treat their parents and elders with _______. respect
This Chinese invention allowed ships to move their sails and to sail into the wind for the first time. Rudder
During 200sBC, Legalism taught that humans were naturally ____. evil
Military leaders with their own armies are called ________. warlords
Name 10 Chinese inventions. Waterwheels, iron drills, steel, paper, acupuncture, magnetic compass, crossbow, matches, kites, and rockets.
If the king was bad, and brought bad fortune on his kingdom, the people could do what? Overthrow him and then replace him.
Name 4 things that were sent from China out by the way of the Silk Road. Cinnamon, silk, ginger, and copper
Created by: karpags_siva
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