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Meridians Final

GB and Liv Point functions

Point NumberFunction
Gallbladder 1 Entry Point, local point for eye problems, interesting
Gallbladder 1 Treatment of disease point for hip joint pain
Gallbladder 2 Lowest point on the tragus for ear problems
Gallbladder 8 Eliminates wind from the head treating migraines and headaches, benefits hangovers
Gallbladder 12 Located behind the mastoid process, calming point for Insomnia
Gallbladder 13 with Du 24 is the 3 Shen points to calm spirt, treat anxiety and worry
Gallbladder 14 Local point for eye problems and sinus conditions, frontal headaches, Diagnostic-Reflex point for the sinuses
Gallbladder 15 Adjacent point for the sinuses. Considered a treatment of disease point for sinuses
Gallbladder 20 located at the attachment of the trapezius, expels Internal and External wind, benefits the nose and eyes, lowers the blood pressure
Gallbladder 21 at the apex of the shoulders (trapezius),-activates the channel and alleviates pain and spasms in the shoulders, downbears the qi and assists with bringing on labor(contraindicated in pregnancy unless inducing)
Gallbladder 21 transforms wind and phlegm in the body, benefits the breast
Gallbladder 24 Front Mu of the Gallbladder, spread Liver and Gallbladder qi and clears damp heat, treats gallstones, hepatitis, jaundice, etc
Gallbladder 25 Front Mu of the Kidneys, diagnostic point for the Kidney organ, treats spleen and kidney yang deficiency with damp cold, helps with Cock's crow diarrhea
Gallbladder 26 Dai Mai regulates the Dai Mai extraordinary Meridian
Gallbladder 26 Treats discharges in the lower burner with GB27&28 which all make up the Dai Mai extraordinary meridian. GB27 and 28 treat shan disorder (hernia)
Gallbladder 30 Major point for hip joint and leg pain, piriformis pain
Gallbladder 31 Wind reflex, dispels wind and stops itching, treats pain along the Gallbladder channel (sciatica) and is an adjacent point for piriformis syndrome
Gallbladder 34 He Sea Point, Earth Point, spreads Liver and Gallbladder Qi, clears damp heat
Gallbladder 34 Quiet Courage Point for giving courage to face tough issues, strengthens the tendons and ligaments as is the INFLUENTIAL point for the tendons (sinews)
Gallbladder 35 Xi Cleft point of the Yang Wei
Gallbladder 36 Xi Cleft point for the GB meridian, empirical point for RABIES
Gallbladder 37 Luo connecting point, specific point for strengthening the eyes and treating visual disorders often combined with Liv3 in host-guest combination for eye problems
Gallbladder 38 Jing River Point, Fire point, Diagnostic point for inflammation of the channel, treats shao yang conditions
Gallbladder 39 Influential Point for the Marrow, tonifies the Kidney Essence, treats essence deficient headaches, treats lateral neck pain and stiffness
Gallbladder 40 Source point, moves Liver qi, harmonizes Shao Yang, clears damp head,
Gallbladder 40 Most notable for strengthening the function of the GB to assist with decision making. Combine with sj3 or sj9 on L only to treat nervous system tension with tense SCM Muscle
Gallbladder 41 Shu Stream Point, Wood Point, Horary Point, Exit point, Opening point for Dai Mai. Closing point for Yang Wei
Gallbladder 41 Spreads Liver Qi, clears Fire, clears Damp Heat, Moves stagnant Qi and Blood, benefits the breasts and treats masses there, benefits for neck pain and lateral headaches (temporal and parietal area)
Gallbladder 41 Combine with SJ 5 on L only to treat contralateral tightness of the SCM muscle with signs of tense nervous system, benefits the eyes
Gallbladder 42 Used for weight loss, classical sources say moxibustion will cause emaciation and lead to death
Gallbladder 43 Spring Point, Water Point, Tonification point, targets the temples and ears, clears damp heat from the channel, modern use is for lateral headaches
Gallbladder 44 Jing Well, Metal point, clears excess of the channel, use to treat tendomuscular conditions along the Gallbladder channel, use with GB 43 to treat inflammation of the channel (indicated with tender GB38)
Liver 1 Well point, wood point, horary point, stops uterine bleeding with Sp1
Liver 1 Treats obstruction along channel like HERNIA, Benefits the genitals and treats urinary disorders, targets the URINARY system
Liver 2 Spring point, Fire point, Sedation point- clears heat and downbears the yang, sedates wind, diagnostic point for inflammation of the channel, targets the temporal and parietal area, treats Liver Excess
Liver 3 Stream point, Earth point, treats all pathologies of the Liver (deficiency, stagnation, excess, regulates MENSTRUATION, targets HYPOCHONDRIUM, vertex, sides of head, throat
Liver 4 Jing River point, Metal point, Used for stagnant Qi without much heat, Useful for all types of back pain from stagnation, primary point to treat Oketsu pain at St27 on the left
Liver 5 Luo Point, spreads liver Qi, Benefits Plum Pit Qi, Primary point for treating and targeting the genitals targets the Urinary system and throat, can be used to detox the liver with Kid9, said to be anti inflammatory in Japanese system with Kid
Liver 6 Xi Cleft Point, May treat lower abdominal pain, not often used clinically
Liver 8 He Sea Point, Water point, Tonification point, nourishes liver yin and blood, benefits the tendons, moves liver blood, clears damp heat from lower Jiao, targets the hypogastric region (pubic bone area)
Liver 13 Front Mu of the Spleen, meeting point for Liver and GB, often said it is part of the Dai Mai, Influential point for the Zang (Yin) organs, harmonize the liver and spleen, regulates stagnation of qi and food, regulate the middle jiao
Liver 14 Front Mu point of the Liver, Exit point of the Liver, Useful for block between Liver and Lung,
Liver 14 Harmonize the liver and stomach for excess conditions, regulates the Liver qi, detoxifies the liver, treats masses, diagnostic point for the Liver (dull pain=deficiency, sharp pain=excess
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