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Blake's Quiz

What was Hitler Nazi
Why do mixed people say their half black Because black is a dominate color
What should vans have on them Free candy inside
What is hidden in Craigs afro Everything
What is God's recipe for black people? Watermmelon's, weed, KFC, gun, and basketball
Who does everyone love Obama
How many STD's does Caleb have All of them.
Has Tyrone murdered? Yes.
What is Mrs. Rodgers? Naked mole rat.
What color is Trump? Orange.
What is dog backwards? God.
Why are black people thugs? Because their black.
What should you not do in prison? Drop the soap.
When can you not see an albino? When he's in the snow.
Where is Joe from The cottonfield.
Mr. Cruse is Old, fat, and on drugs.
Can a black guy escape a black hole Maybe.
What is Brian C. illegal.
How was the univers made God came.
When are there ever 52 continents NEVER.
How many stars are on the American flag 47.
What can C.J. do when he gets punched in the nose Sweat from his eyes.
Why is Trump important? Because he is building a wall.
Whats 9 + 10? 21.
What are McDonalds burgers made of? 1% meat and 99% pink paste.
What happens when you eat Taco Bell? You become a human rocket and go to the moon.
Whats a Mexicans favorite sport? Crosscountry.
Created by: Blake the Great