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1960's Study Guide

here are some study guide questions to the 1960's Unit for your test

Peaceful Civil Rights Activist who gave the “I have a dream” speech Martin Luther King Jr.
Pilot shot down by the Soviet Union in 1960 Gary Powers
Leader of South Vietnam, but assassinated before US involvement in Vietnam Ngo Din Diem
Became president after John F Kennedy was shot Lyndon Baines Johnson
Communist leader of Cuba Fidel Castro
Leader of North Vietnamese Army (Viet Minh) Ho Chi Minh
Began the CIA covert operations to invade Cuba with Cuban refugees Dwight D. Eisenhower
Allied commander over South Vietnam William Westmoreland
President who brought an end to Vietnam War Richard Nixon
Assassinated JFK Lee Harvey Oswald
Assassinated the man who Killed JFK Jack Ruby
Founder of the Black Panther Movement Huey Newton
Means “demilitarized Zone” DMZ
Was dropped to destroy the jungle, a defoliant of all plant life Agent Orange
Organization that ignored non-violent principles of the majority of the Civil Rights Movement and instead insisted on forceful methods to gain equality Black Panthers
Idea that if one country fell to communism, the rest of the countries in that region would follow suit Domino Theory
Required hiring of blacks Affirmative Action
Nixon’s plan to slowly pull US troops out of Vietnam and allow South Vietnam to take over Vietnamization
Fought for greater equality in society for women National Organization of Women (NOW)
A way for the Vietcong to mobilize their troops and supplies Ho Chi Minh Trail
group of students that protested for civil rights in situations like sit-ins Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
Assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. James Earl Ray
Youth International Party members who were part of the counterculture and the New Left Yippies
National Security Advisor of Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War Henry Kissenger
Lead the National Farm Workers Association in an effort to gain equal rights for Latino Americans Cesar Chavez
The election of 1960 was the first election where the _____ had a profound effect on the results. Television
Which Country did Ho Chi Minh and his Viet Minh troops force out of Vietnam in 1954? France
Negotiations that divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel were called… Geneva Accords
What event caused the United States to become directly involved in Vietnam in 1964? The Gulf of Tonkin
A plan to drop bombs on North Vietnam using air strikes from 1965-1968 was called… Operation Rolling Thunder
What Happened at the Bay of Pigs? Fidel Castro lead forces of Cuba against the invading Cuban Exiles. JFK withdrew US support at the last minute. Cuban exiles did not win Cuba back.
What was accomplished with JFK's New Frontier? Increased the minimum wage, expanded the military creating jobs, expanded NASA, Passed the Equal Pay Act, improvements in the welfare system
As a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis... The US, GB and USSR sign a nuclear test ban treaty, US removed Missile sites in Turkey, a Hot Line is installed b/w the US and USSR, Kruschev loses political power, Cuba removes missile sites.
LBJ'a War on Poverty programs included... Medicare, Medicaid, HUD, Hear Start, Highway Safety Act, Economic Opportunity Act, Elementary and Secondary Education Act, etc.
LBJ's War on Poverty was a piece of his greater domestic policy called... The Great Society
This Supreme Court Case upheld the 14th Amendment and resulted in the first law of its kind since reconstruction "One Man, One Vote" Baker V Carr
What was the main reason why US soldiers had a hard time defeating the Viet Cong? The Viet Cong used the cover of the Jungle and guerrilla attacks
Law passed that restricted presidential prominence over any future war War Powers Act
The sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s encouraged people to Talk openly about sex
Events of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Know these events in depth. - Kennedy Lecture
Components of LBJ’s Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Know these components in depth - Johnson Lecture
The Gulf of Tonkin incident and resolution. Know these in depth.- Vietnam Lecture
Dissent among US troops and the American public about America’s involvement in Vietnam Know these in depth - Vietnam Lecture
Conditions of the Ceasefire of 1973 Know these conditions - Vietnam Lecture
The “Pentagon Papers?” Know what this was and its effects - Vietnam Lecture
The 1960’s counterculture rooted in the 1950’s How were these connected - Counterculture Lecture
Describe “Freedom Summer.” What was their purpose? What happened and what did they achieve? Read over this event - Civil Rights Lecture
Who were the Freedom Riders, what was their purpose and what did they achieve? Read over this event - Civil Rights Lecture
Identify the Civil Rights Act of 1964. What did it change? Who signed it? Read over this piece of legislation - Civil Rights Lecture
Created by: cjbennett15
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