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Debate vocabulary

Constitutional Convention words

trader a person who buys and sells goods with other goods
prohibit to forbid
abolitionist a person who strongly favors doing away with slavery
taxes money paid by people for support of government and cost of public works and services
abolish to get rid of
resolve to clear up any unsettled matters; to make up one's mind;decide
slavery enslaved Africans shipped to the Americas to work on plantations
Iroquois powerful confederacy of 5 nations = 6 American Indian tribes
indentured servant laborer who agreed to work without pay for an amount of time to pay his way to the U.S.
merchant person who buys and sells for profit
fugitive runaway; a person who runs from the law
convention a meeting of members or delegates from various places held every year or so
unfair not fair; unjust
Bill of Rights guarantee of certain freedoms and legal protection to states' citizens
plantation owner large farm owners who used slaves to grow crops; great wealth
wealthy riches; having things with monetary value
just in accordance with what is right and honest; fair
justice fairness in the way people are treated or decisions are made
property a piece of land or real estate; thing or things owned
suffrage women having the right to vote
Constitution written formal plan of government
Created by: gbrook
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