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three sisters the crops of beans, squash, and corn that were most commonly grown by the Native Americans
Mayans a civilization that was abandoned for unknown reasons and later uncovered by archaeologists
Incas skilled farmers who built terraces up steep mountainsides and made canals to irrigate crops
Angel Island, California the place where most Asian immigrants entered the United States
French influence the food of New Orleans, the architecture of Union Train Station in Missouri (modeled to look like a castle), and the tradition of dancing at the heritage festival in Louisiana
ways to make government changes peacefully protest, work on a campaign, or run for office
Ancient Aztecs lived in central/southern Mexico and had a capital city named Tectihuacan
Native American homes were all different because they were built using natural resources of the nearby region
Ireland many immigrants came from this country due to a potato famine in the 1840s
Incan culture built large bridges across gorges (deep valleys between mountains)
Great Plains nomads moved from place to place following the buffalo to hunt
decade a period of 10 years
Mississippian culture made canoes by hallowing out of large trees with fire and used them as a main source of transportation
Eastern Woodland culture made wigwams, bark covered structures, as a typical home
European explorers came from Spain, France and England and claimed parts of North America during the colonial period and made lasting influences
dictatorship the government leader alone decides what is best for the people
English influence pies are a favorite food and trial by jury is a tradition
Ancient Mayans known for cocoa beans and chocolate
monarchy power is determined by birthright (the royal family and in the right order--usually the oldest)
Columbian Exchange new foods, plants, animals, and diseases were transmitted from Europe to America or America to Europe
primary sources diaries, artifacts, interviews, documents, photos, autobiographies, drawings,letters, videos, newspaper articles, or radio broadcasts from the time of an event
secondary sources encyclopedia articles, biographies, textbooks, reports, websites, cartoons, books, movies, replicas (copies), or models that were made years after an event took place
Ellis Island, New York the place where most European immigrants entered the United States
Immigration in 1800s most immigrants came to the US from European countries like England, Ireland, and Germany during this time period
Immigration tin the 1990s most immigrants came to the US from Latin American or Asian countries like Mexico, Philippines, and Vietnam during this time period
Spanish influence Foods like tacos, restaurants like Taco Bell, words like tornado and patio, Explorer Science Center in New Mexico
representative government the people or citizens elect representatives to make laws and decisions
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