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Chapter 22 Review

Review for the Chapter 22 Test

Who was Pancho Villa? Mexican Rebel leader who killed 17 Americans in New Mexico.
What was the first step in gaining control of Panama in order to build a canal? help Panama fight for independence
What were the main diseases that were an obstacle during the building of the Panama Canal? malaria and yellow fever
What were 3 problems or obstacles when building the Panama Canal? high mountains explosions diseases
What led to the Boxer Rebellion? Chinese were angry at foreign involvement in China
What did the Open Door Policy state? all nations should have equal access to trade with China
Why did the U.S. want to open Japan's trade markets? they wanted to beat Europe in securing trade agreements with Japan
What annexed territory had value in it's sugarcane economy? Hawaii
Why was the purchase of Alaska called Seward's Folly? some thought Alaska was nothing but a frozen wasteland
The desire for nations to find sources of raw materials to help industrial growth led to _________________. Imperialism
What is imperialism? system of empire building by founding colonies or conquering other nations
What did the Anti-Imperialist League against? they opposed the creation of an American colonial empire
What was the Teller Amendment? it stated that the U.S. had no interest in control of Cuba
Who were the Rough Riders? volunteer soldiers that included Native Americans and cowboys that help free Cuba from Spain
What was the Platt Amendment? limited Cuba's right to make treaties and increased the ability of the U.S. to intervene in Cuban affairs
How did the Americans respond to the explosion to the USS Maine? They rallied against Spain, and wanted Spain defeated
What was a challenge that the Americans faced during the Spanish-American War? deaths from yellow fever and other diseases
What was an extension of the Monroe Doctrine that warned U.S. influenced nations that the U.S. would get involved if they did not repay their loans? Roosevelt Corollary
What was the cause of the Mexican Revolution? harsh rule of a dictator
Created by: shawna_westbrook