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The Cold War

Cold War

Who was the President of the U.S. at the end of WW II? Harry Truman
The promise to abolish this attracted many people to Communist ideology? Poverty
At the end of WW II, the Allies split control of what city? Berlin
The economic plan to help rebuild the war torn areas was called what? The Marshall Plan
Who described the division of Europe into Eastern Soviet controlled areas and a democratically controlled West as the "Iron Curtain" in a speech? Winston Churchill
When did the USSR first acquire nuclear weapons? 1949
This policy stated that the U.S. would try to stop the spread of communism? Truman Doctrine
Who was in charge of the U.S. occupation of Japan after the war? Douglas MacArthur
Which man was the communist leader of China? Mao Zedong
When was the Korean War fought? 1950-1953
What organization was created by Western Allies to oppose the Soviets? NATO
Who did Truman defeat for the 1948 election in an upset victory? Thomas Dewey
What famous spy case involved a married couple who were executed? The Rosenberg's
In 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy was accusing people of what? Helping Communist or being Communist
This man was picked to be the VP candidate under Eisenhower? Richard M. Nixon
Who took over control of the Soviet Union when Stalin died? Khrushchev
Cold War refers to tensions between what 2 nations? The US and the USSR
The Soviet Union eventually ended the blockade of West Berlin because the U.S. did what? continued a successful airlifting of supplies.
Why was General Douglas MacArthur was relived of his command? He disagreed with Truman’s policy of a limited war.
How did Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunt for communists end? Televised hearings about the Army exposed his tactics.
Created by: jeffrey.rhyne
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