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History chapter 24

lesson 1

Warren G. Harding republican candidate from Ohio that was elected in office in 1920
Calvin Coolidge Harding's Vice President
James M. Cox ran as the democrat with Franklin d Roosevelt as his vice president and lost
Harding's Cabinet experts who believed in reducing money owe by the government and limiting government involvement with the economy
Secetray of tresurary Andrew Melon, pushed for tax cuts of the wealthy
Trickle-down theory cutting wealthy taxes would then give the wealthy and incentive to invest in new businesses and create new jobs for other Americans which would trickle down money to others.
Tepot Dome Scandal involved Albert Fall, secretary of the Interior, who accepted large sums of money and girfts from oil companies in exchange for the companies to get oil from national part grounds
Coolidge's Saying and relection goals the business of america is business, he cut taxes on the wealthy and supported raising tariffs on forgin goods to decrease competition with domestic products
Kellog-Briand Pact signed by the US and 14 others countries that outlawed war 62 nations accepted the pact
Henry Ford made the Model T car that was also called the Tin Lizzy
Moving Assembly Line This system used convener belts to move parts and partly assembled cars from one group of workers to another.
Ford's accomplishments paid 5 a day, hired more diverse people, made an 8 hour work day, made the installment plan
Installment Plan lets people pay a small amount of the cost every month until the entire car was paid for.
Herbert Hoover replibiacan nominee in 1928 won against Alfred E Smith
Hoovers saying we in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of any land
Alfred E. Smith first catholic to run for president so some people thought his decision would be incontrol from the pope so he lost
Created by: Ella!!