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Vocabulary 2 Amer POwer Tips the Balance

Eddie Rickenbacker famous fighter pilot of WWI, was well known as a race car driver before the war. He went to France as a driver but switched to the aviation division. He learned to fly on his own time & joined the U.S. Army Air Service.
Selective Service Act passed on May 18, 1917, this legislation required men between the ages of 21 – 31 to register for military service. In 1918, the age requirement was changed to 18 – 45.
convoy system the method used to protect merchant ships from U-boat attacks by having the ships travel in large groups escorted by warships.
American Expeditionary Forces The U.S. forces led by General John Pershing who fought with the Allies in Europe during WWI.
General John Pershing led the AEF during WWI,
Doughboys nickname given to U.S. infantry men during WWI possibly because of the white belts they wore which they cleaned with pipe clay.
Flying Circus A German air squadron led by the “Red Baron”, a great German pilot (Manfred von Richthofen).
Alvin York originally a conscientious objector to WWI, he became one of America’s greatest war heroes. A redheaded mountaineer & blacksmith from Tennessee, he became famous for heroism during WWI & was promoted to sergeant.
Conscientious objector a person who opposes warfare.
Red Baron nickname of a famous German pilot during WWI (Manfred von Richthofen).
armistice a truce, or agreement to end an armed conflict.
Created by: Robechta
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