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SE Asia religions

Religions of Southeast Asia

4 Noble Truths Life is suffering, suffering is due to self-centered desires, to escape suffering get rid of self-centeredness, live life that is neither harsh nor luxurious
Why did Confucious want people to return to the past? So society could be stable again and life would be peaceful again.
Who started Confucianism? Kong Fu Zi
What does Yin-Yang mean? Opposite forces of nature (good and bad)
Why did Gautama leave the palace? To see why people were suffering
what is Buddha's real name? Dartha Gautama
What is the universal force in nature? Dao (the Way)
What is another word for Dao the way
In Daoism, how should people discover how to behave? To look at nature and let it guide them.
What does Li mean in Confucianism? Is following the 5 key relationships.
How many key relationships are there in Confucianism? 5
How does Confucianism influence society today? Most Chinese families follow it today and it is still governed by the 5 key relationships.
According to Buddha, where is the best place to live your life? Middle Path
What is the cause for suffering in life according to Buddha? self-centered desires
How does a person get rid of suffering? Get rid of self-centered self.
Buddhism spread to China in 200AD by Monks and Traders
How did Buddha learn the truth about life? To meditate under a tree.
Define filial piety It is respect for one's elders.
What was Buddha's real name and what was his role in life? Guatama, he was a prince.
Who started Daoism? Laozi
Created by: renaetelford
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