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N/S & Abolitionists

A review of differences in the antebellum North and South & abolitionists

The main goal of abolitionists was to end _____________. slavery
The anti-slavery newspaper, The North Star, was published by ____________________. Frederick Douglass
The Liberator was published by ________________. William Lloyd Garrison
_________________ was a famous conductor on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman
________________ was a former slave who spoke about slavery and women's rights. Sojourner Truth
An armed rebellion in protest of slavery was led by ________________. John Brown
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote ________________ that revealed the cruelty of slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin
The ___________________ was a secret organization that helped slaves escaped to freedom. Underground Railroad
The north had many _______________ which helped them develop their economy based on industry. factories
The south had many plantations that grew the cash crop of _______________. cotton
The _____________ was dependent on slavery. south
Sectionalism means showing _______________ for your part of the country. loyalty
The north had _________ big cities due to immigration. many
The south had ___________ soil fertile
The north had ____________ soil. rocky
The south had ___________ public education. limited
The north had ____________ public education. established
The south had __________ big cities. few
Created by: lheppeard