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US History 19/20 Tes

WWI and Roaring 20's

What event sparked the Great War? The murder of Archduke Ferdinand
After the assassination what event happen next in the chain reaction Austria declared war on Serbia
Germany's Schlieffen Plan? To defeat France first before Russia could mobilize her military to prevent a two front war
Germany's invasion of what nation brought Great Britain into the war Belgium
The Greatest factor in America's entrance into the war? Submarine warfare in the Atlantic
The main provision of the Selective Service Act The Draft
The league of nations was part of the 14 points
Who was America's "Ace of Aces"? Eddie Rickenbacker
In what year id the United States enter the Great War 1917
What was the main theme of America's foreign policy during the 1920's Isolationism
Which Country's economy was in the best Shape following WWI The United States
What two groups faced the most severe prejudice during the 1920's African Americans and immigrants
The rise of suburbs was because of what invention The automobile
King of Chicago's underworld, and made his name during prohibition Al Capone
Famous Physicist, who came up with the theory of relativity Albert Einstein
First person to fly solo from NYC to Paris Charles Lindbergh
Bootlegger Person who smuggled liquor
Contributed to the growth of organized crime in every major city Prohibition
In the 1920's women were becoming more Independent
In 1929, Americans spent $4.5 Billion on Entertainment
This writer coined the phrase "Jazz Age" F. Scott Fitzgerald
Wounded in WWI this author's novels criticized the glorification of war Ernest Hemingway
Great Migration Hundreds of thousands of African Americans move north to the big Cities in 1910-1920
The decade of the 1920's known as The Roaring 20's
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