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civil war & reconstr

a South Carolinian who was a confederate leader and later the first governor of SC and a US senator Wade Hampton
ships or soldiers used to stop goods or people from entering or leaving a place. The Union set one up along the Confederate coastline blockade
a Union general who marched his troops across Southern states during the Civil War. His troops burned and destroyed many cities, including Columbia. William T. Sherman
people who had been freed from slavery. Freedmen
created to help freedmen by providing food, medical care, and money Freedmen's Bureau
a person who farms land for the person who owns it. the owner furnishes the supplies and place for the farmer to live in exchange for a large share of the fertilizer grown sharecropper
Northerners who came to SC after the Civil War hoping to make money quickly. they carried suitcases made of carpet material. some thought they were taking advantage of the South's problems carpetbaggers
an African American and South Carolinian who fought for the Union and took control of a Confederate ship. he later served in SC's General Assembly and US House of Representatives Robert Smalls
Laws that limited the voting rights and other freedoms of African Americans Black Codes
led a SC troop in the Battle of Bull Run Wade Hampton
a type of dry bread soldiers carried in the packs and ate hard tack
entered SC with his Union Army on February 1, 1865. the march caused great destruction and helped the Union win the war William T. Sherman
When was the SC State House was burned? February 1865
In April 1865, who surrendered to General Grant General Robert E. Lee
Where did the surrender of the Confederate Army take place? Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia
who was the leader of the Union Army? Ulysses S. Grant
What did the Confederate sailors use to attack Union ships? Hunley submarine
4 ways SC suffered as a result of the Civil War Charleston and Columbia in ruins. railroad tracks were ripped up. many towns and farms were damaged or destroyed. most people needed food and shelter
how many south Carolinians died in the civil war? 20,000
a document issued by President Lincoln that gave freedom to slaves Emancipation Proclamation
Which amendment to the US Constitution ended slavery throughout the nation? Third
Who started the Freedmen Bureau? Congress
a mineral used as a fertilizer and added to soil to make it produce more crops phosphate
the act of rebuilding. reconstruction
The years the reconstruction era lasted 1865 to 1877
When and where was President Lincoln assassinated? April 14, 1865 in Washington
Where was the capital of the Confederacy? Richmond, Virginia
What did the Constitution of 1868 say all men could do? vote
Who became president of the US in 1877 Rutherford B. Hayes
What says that states would help President Hayes if he would order US troops to leave the South? The Compromise of 1877
When did US troops march out of Columbia and Reconstruction end? April 10,1877
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