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Chap. 19 & 20 Vocab.

collective bargaining a technique used by labor unions in which workers act collectively to change working conditions or wages
corporations a business that sells portions of ownership called stock shares
horizontal integration owning all businesses in a certain field
monopoly a complete control over the entire supply of goods or service in a particular market
patents an exclusive right to make or sell an invention
social Darwinism a view of society based on Charles Darwin’s scientific theory of natural selection
trust a number of companies legally grouped under a single board of directors
vertical integration the business practice of owning all the businesses involved in each step of a manufacturing process
benevolent societies an aid organization formed by immigrant communities
department stores giant retail shop
mass transit public transportation
mass culture leisure and cultural activities shared by many people
new immigrants a term often used for an immigrant who arrived in the United States beginning in the 1880s
old immigrants a term often used for an immigrant who arrived in the United States before the 1880s
settlement houses neighborhood centers staffed by professionals & volunteers for education, recreation, & social activities in poor areas
steerage the area on a ship in the lower levels where the steering mechanisms were located and where cramped quarters were provided for people who could afford cheap passage
suburbs a neighborhood outside of a downtown area
sweatshops hot, stuffy workshops in which workers prepare materials for low wages
tenements poorly built overcrowded housing where many immigrants lived
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