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turkey iran cyprus

a narrow body of water that cuts through land, connecting two larger bodies of water strait
Dry winds that blow across the far western part of Iran from northwest to southeast. They blow constantly during the summer. shamal
tunnels from the aquifers to their villages that channel water qanats
an Iranian religion that dates back o ancient times Zoroastrianism
a governer sent to control their empire satrap
self-governing religious communities millets
Persian word for king shah
The killing of Armenians by Turkish leaders from 1915-1918 Armenian genocide
means "Father of the Turks" Ataturk
a title for high ranking Shia leaders in Iran Ayatollah
Approves all major government decisions and is the head of the military Supreme leader
Reviews all laws passed by Majlis. Religious leaders. Decide who can run for office and can veto any laws passed by majlis that don't follow Islamic law. Guardian council
person higher than the Majlis but lower than the Guardian council president
passes laws for pres. to carry out like our congress and Iranian legislature Majlis
religious leader cleric
Educated people leaving a place brain drain
military uses force to overthrow a government coup
describe Iran's economy Most of the Iranian government income is from oil sales and these sales are relied on to keep a strong economy. The main industry of Iran is the oil and petro-chemical industry.
What is the AKP and why was it challenged in court? A political party that embraces Islam called the Justice and development party. AKP was challenged in court because opponents believed AKP was not secular when it promised to be. AKP passed a controversial law allowing women to wear scarves @ universities
Why are all members of the EU not willing to admit Turkey? The EU, European Union, has denied Turkey because of their past treatment of Kurds and their human rights record. Also their role in Cyprus.
How is Cyprus split and why is it split? Greece wanted to take control of Cyprus; however, the Turkish population disagreed and now there is a disputed border between the Greeks and Turks in Cyprus in a ratio of 2:1.
What new economic policies did Turkey adopt in the 1980's? Before 1980 Turkey was agriculture-based and had trade barriers. However in 1980, Turkey removed their trade barriers and this made it easier for private companies to form because the government wasn't part of the economy. Economy is growing rapidly.
What caused Iran's brain drain? Educated people in Iran wanted freedom and more political and economic opportunities which Iran did not offer. After the Iranian revolution, educated people started to leave because of this.
What is a secular government? A secular government is a government that runs without any religious influence.
What are some of Turkey's physical features? The Anatolia Peninsula makes up most of Turkey.The Black Sea borders Turkey to the North and the Mediterranean to the South with a narrow waterway connecting the two. Mountains surround the Anatolian Plateau and narrow plains lie along the coast.
What are the two mountains surrounding the Anatolian Plateau? The Pontic mountains to the north and the Taurus Mountains to the south.
Why is Istanbul a city of trade and where is it located? Istanbul is located on the Bosporus Straight and is located on both the continents of Europe and Asia. It has been a major port and trading center for 2000 years.
What is the Safavid Empire? Empire that rose in Iran in the 1500's. They made Shia Islam the official religion of Iran. Their ruler was called a Shah.
How did the Ottomans contribute to Islamic culture? The Ottomans built mosques, religious schools or madrassas and libraries.
How did the Byzantine empire end? The Ottomans claimed to be religious leaders of all Muslims. They captured Constantinople, and ended the Byzantine empire in 1453. The Ottomans made Constantinople, now called, Istanbul, their capital.
How did the Persians contribute to modern day life? Built a system of roads to improve communication across their empire. Made travel faster and easier for merchants to carry goods. Helped people from faraway regions trade fairly by creating a system of weights and measures. Minted coins for empire
Explain Persian Art. Art flourished under Persian rule. Kings brought artists and craftspeople to their capital. They built large houses decorated with sculptures and jewels.
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