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Ch 7 lesson 2

Irrigation and Dams

What part of Idaho requires irrigation for farming? Southern Idaho
What did southern Idaho do to get more water for farming? They dug canals (waterways) from streams, rivers, and lakes to their fields.
Name another form of irrigation besides canals/ditches. sprinkling systems using pipes
What was The Carey Act? the act allowed private companies to build irrigation systems in desert states and sell water to farmers
Which state was the most successful Carey Act state in the nation? Idaho
Besides sprinkling systems and canals, how else can people control the flow of water? With dams.
What was the first hydroelectric dam on the Snake River? Swan Falls
What is hydroelectricity? electricity created by dams
How did hydroelectric power get from dams to cities? Through wires
How was hydroelectric power used? It powered pumps and sprinklers, electric washing machines, irons and vacuum cleaners, and electric stoves, and electric heat.
What was the purpose of the Swan Falls dam? To provide electric power for mining towns in the Owyhee Mountains, and later to the farms in the Boise Valley.
What pioneer group built canal systems from Bear Lake to Soda Springs, Bancroft, Lund, Grace and other towns? Mormon Settlers
Which Mormon leader designed The Great Feeder Dam near Idaho Falls? Thomas Ricks
What was The Minidoka Project? 7 dams and hundreds of miles of canals that stretched from the Idaho desert into Wyoming.
What 5 major crops did the Minidoka Project help bring to Idaho? Sugar Beets, Idaho potatoes, alfalfa, wheat and barley
What Idaho town is nicknamed the "Potato Capital of the World"? Blackfoot, ID
Who planned and helped to build the Milner Dam on the Snake River? Ira Perrine
What Idaho cities were named after people who helped Ira Perrine build the Milner Dam? Kimberly, Milner, and Murtaugh
What was "The Boise Project"? The building of the New York Canal.
How did The New York Canal get its name? Rich men living in New York were going to pay for building the canal.
How long did it take to build the New York Canal? Almost 30 years.
What brought Mary Hallock Foote and Arthur Foote to Idaho? Mr. Foote was designing the New York Canal.
For what is Mary Hallock Foote best remembered? She wrote novels, essays and poems about life in Idaho. she also created drawings.
Where can you see a collection of Mary Hallock Foote's drawings today? The Boise Public Library
What was the Bear River Project? the building of 4 dams: Soda, Oneida, Grace, and Cove dams.
Name the third largest dam in the United States. Dworshak Dam
Name the dam on the Boise River. Arrowrock Dam.
Why was the town of Arrowrock moved? The building of Arrowrock Dam would create a lake that would cover the town if it didn't move.
Created by: historyB
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